What do you look for in a single piece of cloth? Comfort, fashion, style, trend, warmth, and swag? Well, men’s zip hoodies have it all. So if you haven’t tried yet, it’s time to transform your styling sense or maybe the entire winter wardrobe.

Get over the idea that it’s just sportswear that pairs up with sweatpants alone. You can go beyond the park and jogging track wearing men’s zip hoodies. Don’t worry! You won’t be left behind in the style wars. We will guide you through the different styles to define edgy, sheer ways to carry them like an ultimate fashionista.

Here are the top four ways. Buy them, try them, love them and flaunt them!

Men’s Zip Hoodie with a Leather Jacket

Winters call for Leather jackets, and if you prefer a more casual style, men’s zip hoodies will make a perfect topper instead of these jackets. Or use them with the jacket itself.

Try a black-on-black look by picking up a jacket, hoodie, and pants all in black. Go with other bold-colored hoodies like maroon, green, dark grey, or even white. Avoid beige or camel-colored pants with a leather jacket; it deflates the look. For shoes, go with canvas ones, sneakers, leather, or suede shoes in contrasting colors with your Men’s zip hoodie.

Men’s Zip Hoodie with a Coat

Coats can be used to accentuate many looks, from formal attire to casuals. You do not necessarily need a business gathering to wear a coat with a hoodie. Let’s suppose you and your friends want to meet up or its date night during winters and you want to try a different look. The easiest way would be to grab a t-shirt with a white, black, or any other colored men’s zip hoodie with a black or grey double breast coat. Pair the look with loose pants or black trousers. You can also have a muffler or white beanie cap, depending on the temperature.

Men’s Zip Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

It only takes a plain white or black shirt with a classic denim jacket, and a typical pair of sneakers to complete an everyday casual look. Pairing those items is not going to be enough when you’re facing freezing or sub-zero temperatures. In such a situation, own the cold with a neutral or funky colored men’s zip hoodie beneath the denim jacket.

There aren’t any specifications for the combination. Blue looks universally amazing with almost every other color. Pick a yellow, white, black, or grey hoodie; nothing can go wrong with denim.

Men’s Zip Hoodie with Tailored Trousers

Tailored trousers are more formal and have a classic, flawless look if you pair them with casual button-downs or t-shirts. Match your shirt with men’s zip hoodie, and if you find the cold unbearable, elevate the look with a long coat or jacket. Add sneakers or leather shoes to the combo and spice it up. Don’t forget your style reflects you. Choose things you feel good in.

Additional Tip

Tailored trousers and coats both work well with Men’s zip hoodies. But it takes guts to flaunt the jacket look, and not everyone can. No harm in trying it out at home, in front of your mirror right? Always remember, tailored pants and coats with men’s zip hoodies won’t be pulled off ever. Well, not unless you’re a celebrity and everything you do becomes a trend. Then you can wear them anyways you want, and we’ll all follow you for personal hoody style.

The Final Words

Men’s zip hoodies are not an over-the-top garment. We’ve been seeing and wearing them since childhood. With the current era revolving around trends, experiments, and with flaunting your individuality, we are here to tell you, give it a go. We’ve mentioned a few ideas; now, you decide which defines your personality. Start shopping with Chipsticks, before the trend changes!