With the advanced technologies booming, web development is gaining hands in the market. Most of the web development teams are located in the heart of Delhi-NCR Gurgaon. The millennials do understand the need to have a professional website done for their business. Not just limited to websites, most of them are even willing to get a customized app for their products from one of the brightest teams in the market. But, as a businessman, do you know on what technologies your websites are built? Are you clueless about how your business website is built?

Here are some of the technologies you need to know about and get the upper hand on any website design development company in Gurgaon.


If you have an information-rich website, you might want to visualize your data so that users can make better sense of it. Although tables can be quite useful in some instances, such as pricing and feature comparison tables, other kinds of information are more comfortable to process with some data visualization. JavaScript libraries such as Chart.js let you generate different HTML5 charts such as line, bar, pie and area charts. If you are planning a data-rich website, get it done from any of the Website Design and Development Company in Gurgaon.


Semantic HTML tags allow you to add meaning to your mark-up so that search engines, screen readers, and web browsers can make sense of it. By default, when a user agent reads your content, it doesn’t understand the context and meaning. Semantic HTML tags let you serve structured content to your users, which is especially important for accessibility. Most of the Website Design Development Companies in Gurgaon are using this technology for their customers.


We usually don’t think of Java as a language for creating web applications, but several high-quality Java web frameworks are worth considering. The Java Virtual Machine is a reliable platform that makes it possible to follow the “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) principle in web development. In this collection, you can find six popular Java web frameworks with which you can build scalable and reliable apps. Website Development Company in Gurgaon shares this option as well, so be ready!


Your WordPress site can be slow for many different reasons; a bloated database running in the background is one of them. A professional WordPress maintenance workflow includes regular database optimization during which you get rid of unnecessary data and locate and fix errors and inconsistencies in your database. WordPress database optimization doesn’t require specific program knowledge, although you occasionally need to edit the wp-config file.

With most businesses moving online, the number of websites made per month has almost double-folded, and the Website Design Development Company in Gurgaon is gaining benefits in the current scenario. Are you also planning to get a website done for your business? We wish you luck with your upcoming website, and give you maximum benefits in your business growth.

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