The front office plays a critical role in the success of any practice. So here are ten training tips at every clinic should look for when hiring for its medical front office.

The patient is always right

A patient may not be right all the time. But it does make sense to have this approach instead of letting the patient walk away. People do not want to argue or feel lost in their conversation with a customer service representative. Similarly, people do not expect to be ignored for a service they’re paying for.

Greet patients with a smile

This is a textbook tip. While it sounds simple, it can be difficult to pull off. 42% of patients are put off by rude and unhelpful behavior. This kind of indifferent behavior can be detrimental to the clinic.

Show patients care

Front desk employees must understand the concept of care. Through care, a clinic can build long-term relationships and the patients can become its brand ambassadors. Combined with the right attitude, a clinic can address the patient’s problems.

Be professional and polite

One cannot overemphasize the importance of professionalism. The clinic’s staff must remain calm and polite at all times, especially when handling an irate patient.

Keep a positive attitude

A clinic’s staff must be positive in their approach. There will be bad days, but they should impact how the clinic handles its patients.

Know your patients

Add a personal touch to a patient’s experience. Remembering their names is a good start and can bear tremendous fruit. Such small acts of personalization will multiply the clinic’s perceived value.

Be helpful

Helping team members across departments is another important tip. The administration should not prevent employees from assisting a coworker when needed.

Go the extra mile

A front desk employee must possess all the necessary information about their department. Additionally, they should also have some knowledge of other departments too. This helps in providing a 360-degree for patients that come in for treatment.