Erectile Dysfunction

It is the inability of males to keep an erection going frequently. It is a prevalent issue and is estimated that it affects between 18 and 30 million males. It can have a major impact on our living quality. The majority of people are hesitant to speak about it to anyone else, not even doctors. This is why it’s essential to talk about the issue in a way that is open. It is evident that anything that hinders the nerve impulses that travel from the brain all the way to the penis, or anything that hinders the penis’s blood flow can cause erectile dysfunction to have great solutions follow Arrowmeds.

The Causes in Erectile Dysfunction

The majority of people view it as a psychological issue. However, this is not the scenario. Though psychological aspects are implicated in the cause of ED we don’t have a physical cause of ED.

Physical Conditions That Lead To the Development of

  1. Vascular disease

We are aware that it is the increased flow of blood to the penis that aids to achieve an erection. So any vascular conditions that hinder the penis’s blood flow make it more difficult to achieve an erection. This includes atherosclerosis as well as high blood pressure and higher levels of cholesterol.

  1. Diabetes

Men suffering from diabetes usually suffer from erectile dysfunction at certain points in their lives, particularly when they aren’t able to achieve optimal control of their sugar. The erectile dysfunction that is associated with diabetes is due to damaged blood vessels and nerves.

  1. Neurologic Disorder

For a proper erection, we must have an optimal function of the nerves and the brain. This is the reason any condition that hinders the functioning of nerves or the brain can cause erectile dysfunction. This includes conditions like Stroke Multiple as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Lifestyle

Certain ways to live make it more likely to develop developing erectile dysfunction. This includes smoking, drinking, and consuming drugs. They do this by hindering the blood supply to the penis.

  1. Trauma

The blood vessels and nerves supplying the penis can cause Erectile dysfunction. Trauma as a reason for erectile dysfunction is being studied in those who are cyclists for a longer time. The reason for this is that the bicycle seat exerts constant pressure on the nerves and vessels that supply the penis, causing damage to them, causing the condition of erectile dysfunction.

  1. Medicines

Certain drugs may cause erectile dysfunction. They include drugs that lower blood pressure, as well as certain antidepressants. It is ironic that the fact that depression, as well as high blood pressure, can be a few reasons for Erectile dysfunction, and the medications used to treat these conditions can result in Erectile dysfunction. This is the reason it’s crucial to talk with your doctor when you are taking some medication and begin having issues with your erection.

  1. Surgery

The majority of people over 50 are prone to problems with erection. It is at this age that men also suffer from an increase in prostate size or even prostate cancer. These men require surgery for ailments and during the procedure, the nerves which supply the penis may be damaged, leading to the condition of erectile dysfunction.

Psychiatric Conditions That Cause ED

The brain plays a role in achieving an erection as also in the excitement and pleasure related to sex, therefore any issue that affects the brain function can lead to ED. Psychiatric disorders are responsible for less than 10% of incidents of ED. These include

* Stress

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Low-self esteem

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How can I treat Erectile Dysfunction?

  1. Lifestyle alters.

There are certain lifestyle modifications that can aid in improving sexual performance. These include quitting smoking, exercising, and weight reduction.

  1. Medicines

There is a drug known as sildenafil that is also called Viagra. This isn’t the only medication, but there’s a whole class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Other medications that are important within this class include Vardenafil ( Levita, Stxyn) Tadalafil (Cialis), and Avanafil (Stendra)

  1. Vacuum Pumps

They are special devices that contain the cylinder as well as a pump. The penis is inserted into the cylinder and the pump uses it to pull air from the pump, creating the circular cylinder. This improves the flow of blood into the penis. To maintain the erection, an elastic band is put on the penis’s base.

  1. Surgery

If erectile dysfunction occurs due to blockage in the penis artery particularly in younger patients, we can surgically repair that blood flow. One of the other things we could perform surgically is inserting an implant into the penis. The implant is filled the pressurized fluid when it is necessary for an erection. You can avoid to take surgery and consume Cenforce Professional which will provide better results.


Erectile dysfunction is an extremely complex issue to address. It is, therefore, crucial to recognize that you need to engage your partner in the conversation and speak to an expert if you wish to be free of this tense situation. Another thing to be aware of is to not take any self-medication because it could have a fatal result.