The Netgear gaming XR500 is a dual-band 802.11av excessive-velocity gaming router that is simply beneficial to all gamers. It delivers higher-speed internet or wifi network connectivity. This wifi router is specially designed for providing greater capacity and less network congestion. The Netgear nighthawk xr500 wifi router is reliable for wireless or wired connections. It has built-in LAN ports that provide the option, use an Ethernet cable and then make the connection. The 4 LAN ports are there on the router. This wifi router has four powerful and strong outside antennas that deliver the wi-fi network smoothly. The powerful antennas smoothly deliver a wider range and network coverage. The wireless network speed of the Netgear gaming XR500 router is up to 2600. With the 2600 Mbps speed, you seamlessly enjoy online gaming with your friends.

The Netgear XR500 wifi router comes with four external antennas, a Netgear router, a power adapter, and an Ethernet cable. The LEDs light is located on the front panel of the Netgear gaming router. The Nighthawk app provides the facility where you can do Netgear nighthawk pro gaming xr500 setup. The DC power port is located on the rare panel of this wifi router.

Key Features of the Netgear Gaming XR500 router

The Netgear wireless wifi router comes with networking features. This feature absolutely increases and enlarges the wi-fi network. With this router, you interference-free enjoy gaming consoles in any corner of the home.

4× External powerful antennas

The Netgear XR500 wifi router has powerful outside antennas. This antenna is usually useful to recover the wi-fi network coverage and smoothly delivers the wireless network. To get a fast wifi network you can properly install the outside antennas. The Netgear gaming xr500 router comes with four powerful antennas. You can install the two antennas of the Netgear router in the rare panel of the wifi router and one antenna or this wifi router is each one side panel. The outside antennas create a faster network that enjoys gaming with the buffer-free network.

Support dual-band radio frequency of Netgear gaming XR500 router

The Netgear xr500 wireless router concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This band delivers a marvelous wireless network completely to the home. If you want to know how much range the 5 GHz Band provides then you can go to the setting and then know the range. For this, you use the default IP address that comes with the Netgear nighthawk wifi router. You use this IP address and then locate this IP into the internet explorer or other browser. Then, select the wireless setting and instantly know the range. The 5 GHz radiofrequency allows the network range of up to 1800 Mbps and along with the 2.4 GHz band allows 800 Mbps.

Netgear gaming xr500 router Setup with the Nighthawk app

The setup of the Netgear gaming xr500 dual-band gigabit router is simple with the Nighthawk app. You can visit the app store on your mobile phone, but before starting the setup processes you should verify the wifi network is stable in your smart mobile phone. Then install or download the app. You can log in to the account by tapping the option login/sign in. Then, add the Netgear gaming router to the Nighthawk app by tapping the + icon. Now, visit the setting and follow provided app instructions steps by step. Along with this, you can use a web browser and input Afterward, get the setup wizard of this wifi router.

Delivers greater capacity and high speed with 802.11ac

The Netgear wifi router delivers high speed for playing online games with your family members, visitors, and friends. To get a steady network connection you can modify the position of the router. Make the proper connection between the internet modem and Netgear gaming xr500 router through the ethernet cable. The 802.11ac is the most advanced wireless network standard that automatically enlarges the network coverage with a reliable network connection.

Netgear gaming xr500 router handles +20 networking device

The Netgear gaming xr500 wireless dual-band router handles +20 networking devices. At a time it handles 4 wired devices like desktops, smart TV, IP camera, and gaming consoles. You can use the provided Ethernet cable and then attach it to the LAN port of your networking device. It supports PC, laptop, printer, NAS, IP camera, iPhone, video doorbell, door opener, desktop, smart TV, android mobile phone, and other networking devices, wired or wirelessly.