If you are a lover of reading, you may also tend to accumulate books for the simple fact of having them. This is known in Japan as tsundoku and, beyond aesthetics, it also offers a storage challenge. Therefore, you should delve into the way you can use books to decorate, how to keep them orderly and achieve harmonious spaces .

You do not have to give up the smell of their sheets, the touch that their hard covers have, or the pleasure it gives you to see them on your shelves. Look at these ideas, they sure excite you as much as we do.

Tsundoku, passion for books

Tsundoku, the art of decorating with books

Tsundoku is a Japanese term that refers to the habit some people have of having many books. In addition to the pleasure of reading , this love for books also has to do with the simple fact of enjoying being surrounded by them. Although the shelves can look a lot and there are editions that are true jewels, this hobby carries a very great responsibility: order.

To arrive at this order, there is no golden rule since everyone creates their own method and if you do not have it, you should develop it.

The most important thing is to know what is best for you, if you want to place them by theme, by author, following an alphabetical order, by colors, by sizes, etc. Here are some basic ideas so that you can find a good organization for your books.

The tsundoku loves bookshelves

If you love books and cannot resist buying them, you must be prepared and have adequate and sufficient spaces to store them. In addition, they must be well organized and classified so that you can find them when you need them.

If you think of a piece of furniture that is the most optimal for this purpose, it would undoubtedly be shelves or bookcases, since, for the most part, they are capable of adapting in terms of shapes and sizes. As if that were not enough, you can place them in the living room, bedroom or even in a corridor …

Take a look at Hannun . They have beautiful shelves and their philosophy will enchant you. They are sustainable, artisanal and ecological products.

Natural selection

According to Marie Kondo, you shouldn’t accumulate more than 30 books. This to you, book lover, may seem impossible. Without a doubt, this is one of the rules of the guru of the order that has raised the most controversy and although it is true that it is not for everyone, it may suggest that you at least make a selection.

Take a look at all the titles you have and be honest with yourself – are they really all worth it? How many of them are you going to reread? Stick with the ones that really mean something to you, the ones you enjoy, and donate the rest to a library .

The placement of the tsundoku

The first thing to do is to choose the type of shelf you are going to use : wooden, metal, floating, wall-to-wall … Once you have decided, you have to think about how you are going to place the books. There are many options: by size and by height, by colors, etc.

A tip for interior designers is to alternate their placement by putting some books vertically and others horizontally. This will create a dynamic and less boring composition. Also try to leave some free gaps so as not to saturate the furniture, you need to give it air.

Other ideas to place your books

Tsundoku, the art of decorating with books

There are many options for you to place your books, but some of them are more effective if you want to convey a sense of order.

By colors. If you don’t need to locate them quickly, this is one of the most aesthetic ways to organize your books. Create color ranges on each of the shelves. You will see the harmony.

Reverse. On Pinterest , there are some proposals to place the books with the volume facing the wall. While it is certainly not entirely practical, it does give an incredible sense of order and uniformity. It can be useful for your oldest specimens, those whose leaves turn yellow.

Now you know, if you suffer from tsundoku, we invite you to put some order in your hobby. You will be able to enjoy your books and create harmonious and charming environments.

Design a method, the one that seems best to you, and make your shelves talk about you. Books are usually beautiful objects in and of themselves, so take advantage of your taste for reading to decorate.

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