Home entertainment has changed over the years, and most people no longer trust watching their favorite TV shows live on cable television. Thanks to technology, we are able to watch content on-demand at home or on the go. This guide will show you the cool streaming APKs right now.


This has been made possible by many streaming services available and the hundreds of streaming apps that allow you to enjoy the content for free. In this guide, we will focus on the best streaming APKs of 2020 for watching movies and series, which provide a great way to cut huge cable bills for millions worldwide.


Most of these applications have been designed for the Android operating system, which is the most popular and flexible platform. Therefore, the applications can work on all popular devices running the operating system.


Important: Broadcast Safely!

The apps listed here look for links from publicly available websites on the Internet. Those links may contain pirated content, which is illegal in almost all countries.


To avoid receiving notices of copyright infringement or even facing legal charges, we always recommend MundoKodiVPN readers use a streaming VPN. It will help encrypt your online activities, and it will also hide your real IP address from third parties.


The VPN we recommend

At MundoKodiVPN, we recommend using ExpressVPN for streaming due to its excellent speeds and excellent privacy policy.


ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any logs and uses top-notch encryption standards to hide your activities. Once you use one of the VPN’s servers, all your traffic will be encrypted, and you would get a new IP to anonymize your online presence.


In addition to hiding their identity and online activities, ExpressVPN also helps to overcome geographical restrictions and avoid limiting ISP to ensure free transmission buffer.


2 best streaming apps


Typhoon TV

If you’ve had a chance to use Typhoon TV, you can attest that it is one of the best streaming APKs right now. I am gaining popularity due to its excellent performance and ease of use.


It’s a Titanium TV clone, but it’s been improved by removing all the ads, and it gets even better streams than its predecessors. This can also be improved by setting up Real-Debrid, which will allow you to access better links to watch movies and series.


Some of the app categories include Trending, Recent Updates, New Shows, New Releases, Streaming Today, Most Popular, Most Played, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Netflix and Hulu, and various genres of movies and TV shows.


CyberFlix TV

Like the Titanium TV app, CyberFlix TV is one of the best successors to Typhoon TV, offering tons of high-quality content and great functionality. The app contains the same layout as its predecessor and even has more high-quality links.


CyberFlix apk allows you to watch almost any movie and TV show you want with ease.