If a worker needs to reach a high elevation the piece of equipment that they will use is a construction lift. These construction lifts are incredibly powerful aerial platforms that make it possible for construction workers to reach high points while working on a project. 

There are a lot of different types of lifts scheduled in the market today, that makes choosing the right one more important and difficult. So, you need to understand how each one functions so you can make an informed decision and don’t end up regretting your purchase. Before going to an industrial equipment supplier to get the lift it is important that you do your research and find out all about it.

In order to know which one is right for your project. You need to carefully consider the functionality of each one of these lifts. 

Articulating Boom Lifts

These lifts are called knuckle lifts since their arm is shaped in a way that makes their articulated boom lift look like one. These let them move around obstacles present on site and the workers are able to work in areas that would have otherwise been impossible. This is made possible because of the arm being attached to a turntable which lets it bend in a different direction.

The maximum lift height of articulated booms is 130 feet, which is used to stay to clean out exterior of buildings or for maintenance jobs. They are also used to make electrical repairs. 

Telescopic Boom Lifts

The body of these machines consists of an aerial platform that is attached to an extended arm. Disarm is able to move up and down and forward which makes it possible for workers to reach high points. But they are only able to hold one worker at a time as they only have a small bucket to hold a person. This kind of list is ideal for a job that can easily be done by one person alone. These lifts can at their Max lift up to 180 feet, the height that they can reach is incomparable.

Bucket Trucks

Cherry pickers or bucket trucks have a truck like body which is mounted with an aerial platform. This platform is attached to a hydraulic crane that can lift up to 160 feet. There are a lot of things that trucks are used for such as to fix utility lines or even to pick fruits in the orchard. However, the abundance of uses of these machines does not end there, they are also used to install lights and warehouse racks or to help maintenance workers reach impossibly high locations or work sites.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Sometimes projects require equipment that is able to work in a less than perfect setting, normal equipment would not be able to perform as well or possibly get damaged; that is where rough terrain scissor lifts come in. These machines are able to work on aren’t even surfaces and all types of terrains, due to their heavy-duty tires. Dare perfect friends love and over again setting, however the lift capacity they have is only 60 feet. 

Towable Lifts

The design of these machines makes them best suited for Jobs where equipment needs to be carried from one site to another constantly. These machines are easily transported, their body consists of arms that work just like a telescopic boom lift except for one small difference that they do not bend. Also there is one drawback to these lifts is that they are not able to lift higher than 50 feet; you cannot lift as much weight as other booms.