The freezer is an invention that dates back to the second world war. Today, nearly 8 decades down the line, it is difficult to imagine a home without at least one freezer. Freezers are a common appliance to preserve meat and other foods. They keep the food safe from bacteria and mold. People prefer to shop less often and to buy larger quantities to save time and money. Buying a new or used freezer is a cheaper option than buying a refrigerator with a larger freezer area.

However, despite existing for several decades, not many people are aware of the types of freezers. So when homeowners set out to buy freezers, they often end up being tricked by a salesperson to buy a poor-quality freezer. This stands true for both new and used freezers.


In this blog, we will shed light on the popular categories of the freezer and their benefits. By the end of the blog, you will be able to know what type of freezer is worth investing in to serve your household needs:

  1. Chest Freezer

A chest freezer is a freezer that looks like a box and has an opening lid. This appliance occupies more space this it’s counterparts. Since chest freezers can also open upward so it is important that you have sufficient headroom for installation.

Chest freezers for sale in Perth are very flexible, which is by far their biggest advantage. So you can use them in commercial as well as residential settings. There are three sizes of freezers that work well in residential properties: small, medium, and compact. The freezers come in sizes ranging from 3 to 16 cubic feet.

  1. Portable Freezer

Sometimes you need to bring food with you when you go on a picnic, boating, or camping trip. In such instances, you need to store the food somewhere. This is where the portable freezer comes in handy. Used portable freezers are a great alternative for old coolers that are stuffed with ice.


Typically, the alternating or direct current is used to power portable freezers. Depending on the convenience, you may also use the cord to power them. This cord can be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. You can store as much as 40 liters in the portable freezer, which is enough to spend a weekend outdoors.

  1. Drawer Freezer

Drawer freezers are used frequently in large kitchens. This is one reason why they are typically the first option in the restaurants’ kitchen. These freezers make it easy to access the products they contain. Drawer freezers are crucial in kitchens where chefs need to make large quantities of dishes quickly.

The finishes of drawer freezers can be made in a variety of materials. They are mostly made from stainless steel. That said, you may order custom-made finishes when you purchase a drawer freezer. If you don’t want to buy a brand-new unit, there are a number of second-hand drawer freezers for sale in Perth. It is also an excellent choice to spice up kitchen aesthetics.

Drawer freezers also have the advantage of being small. So much so, they can be fitted into kitchen countertops. They give you the luxury to store different types of food in different parts. Thus, a drawer freezer is ideal for those who don’t want to mix meat and fish with vegetables.

  1. Upright Freezers

While an upright freezer is more expensive than a chest freezer, the added cost is well worth it. Unlike a chest freezer, you don’t have to reach down and sort through the frozen food piles. It is easy to get distracted browsing shelves in a refrigerator-like design. The upright freezers make it easier for you to conveniently access the stuff you want.


By far, the best and most widely used appliance to preserve and store food in the freezer. We all have freezers in our homes, whether they are integrated into fridges or stand-alone. Although the first freezer was made in 1940, it wasn’t until the second world war that it became widely available and popularized. The technology behind freezers has never stopped improving and they are continuously becoming more efficient.


Unfortunately, despite freezers being popular since 1945, most people don’t know much about them. Hopefully, this guide would have given you sufficient insights about this useful appliance.