There are so many plywood-winged trucks out there promising junk removal services at an affordable price. But when it comes down to your precious property or business, the comfort of hiring a company with a proven track record of safe, prompt and quality service is definitely non-negotible. You don’t want to hire a company without first putting a few hours into their website or calling them on the phone to find out more about them and whether they’re the right fit for your needs. You also want to be sure that you choose a company that has ample experience in the type of work that you need done. If you can visit the junk removal company’s facility and see the type of machinery they use then you’ll know if it’s the best option for you. Once you’ve made your choice you should be able to call them and discuss your needs in person, over the phone or online.

One way that junk removal companies differ from other contractors is that they are licensed and insured to properly dispose of hazardous waste materials. That way if an accident occurs while they’re handling your hazardous waste materials, they’ll be held legally liable. Ask them about their licensing and insurance coverage before hiring them to do work on your house. Ask friends and family if they can recommend any companies they’ve used and received satisfactory service from.

Before you go ahead and hire the best junk removal company to get rid of the things in your house, you have to make a plan of how you’re going to do it. Decide where you’re going to dump the junk, what kind of tools and equipment you’re going to need to accomplish the task and where you’re going to store it overnight. All of these aspects will affect how you tackle the project. Here are some of the options you have to get the job done:

Dumpster Hire – A lot of people opt to hire a junk removal company to take care of their junk removal work. The catch is that it’s going to cost you more to have the work done. There’s also the risk that the truck you choose won’t fit into your driveway or won’t be big enough to accommodate the items you want to be removed. Keep these factors in mind when making your decision.

Decluttering – Another option for doing junk removal work is to clear out your home and do a spring clean. You should contact your local newspaper and make a list of everything you have in your home that you no longer need. You might also want to contact your neighbours to see if they have any unused items they’d like you to remove for free. Once you’ve made your list, call a junk removal company to come out and take a look at your home. It’s best to ask for a quote over the phone so you can compare the price against different service providers.

Scrap Metal Disposal – You may also decide to hire a junk removal company to get rid of all the scrap metal you’ve got lying around your garage. Many people throw away entire cars once they sell them, but you can save a lot of money by contacting a local scrap metal company to get rid of all the scrap metal you have laying around. They’ll send a van with a giant, industrial-sized vacuum attachment to pick up your car and empty all the interior compartments. Then they’ll break apart all the parts, shred the tops, and send the scrap metal into a large container. This is one of the most popular options for getting rid of unwanted junk, especially if you don’t have space for a large disposal unit.

Bike Rental Service – If you’re tired of always having to haul your bulky items around, try enlisting the help of eco-friendly junk removal companies. There are some bike rental services you can use to help you with your move. Instead of hauling the bikes, they will pick them up at your home and drop them off at a recycling facility. This is a much cheaper option than using a bike carrier service, and they make it easier for you to recycle all of your cardboard boxes as well. Make sure to check these services out before signing up for their services, though.

Moving can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you know about all the different options available for getting rid of unwanted junk. Try enlisting the help of a trusted junk removal company to take care of the things you no longer need. If you’d rather do it yourself, there are plenty of instructional books at your local bookstore or library that walk you through the process step-by-step. Whatever option you choose, just remember to keep all the trash away and never throw any junk into a landfill. You’ll be doing your part to make the environment a cleaner, more earth-friendly place.