Who doesn’t like bakery items? The bakery section of a supermarket is the child’s favorite corner. They stare greedily at the cakes until the bakery box appears. Sometimes kids hang on to their parents and urge them to buy their favorite bakery item.

There are so many bakery items. Each item has its packaging depending upon size and décor. A large cake will be in a large box and a muffin in a smaller bakery box.

Handling bakery items can be tricky. A minor shock can turn a cake’s creamy décor to spoil. That is why even within the box, you must be careful with it.

Types of boxes material:

Bakery boxes have several types of material. You can go through the list below to know more:

· Recycled paper:

These are one of the cheapest food packaging boxes. However, the downside is; they are not food grade. Manufacturers use recycled paper to make these boxes.

The Ink used in them is not food grade either. Another minus point is, they are not sturdy as well.

· Virgin Paper:

It is the number one food packaging material. The paper strength is good, depending on the quality of the paper.

· Duplex Paper:

This material is strong. Hence, designers use this material in the making of mono cartons. Mono cartons are primary packages for the items to be packed inside.

However, the biggest drawback is, duplex is not food grade.

· Kraft paper:

Due to the brown color, the paper looks like recycled paper. It gives a natural look to a box. Kraft paper has good strength but is a little costly.

Why does bakery packaging matter?

The packaging does not only mean enclosing the item init. As you know, the packaging is a way of communication between the brand and customers.

The design of packaging defines the objectives of the brand. It also maximizes product awareness. Other than that, it also drives sales.

A good bakery box is easy to handle, harmless regarding health issues, attractive for consumers, and of perfect shape and size.

Packaging is an advertisement for your brand.


If you have your bakery, then do not hesitate to use custom bakery boxes. Do not forget to laminate the boxes from the inside. It not only makes them food-grade but also strengthens them.

The material must be food grade, eco-friendly and disposable. Never use the cheapest materials, as they are not of good quality. The high-quality material might be a little costly.

Nevertheless, it will tell the customers that you care for them rather than caring for money.

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