The online food delivery business has begun to face hyper-growth and will soon attain the apex position in the marketplace. The food delivery businesses will continue to prevail as the craze for restaurant food sustains. Let us know about the revenue models and cost estimation of the UberEats Clone App.

The Revenue Stream

No business would be complete without a revenue model. The revenue for food delivery applications comes from three different sources.

Revenue sharing from restaurants

It has to be agreed that these food delivery applications facilitate quite a lot of orders for the restaurants. These orders might not have been possible without the existence of these food delivery services. For facilitating this business, these services take a percentage of the total revenue of the restaurant.

Delivery fees from customers

In most cases, food delivery is free of charge. However, in certain situations where the order does not cross a certain threshold, the food delivery application charges a certain amount from the customer for the delivery.

Sponsored content charges

Some restaurants might be relatively new and they might not have had the rich ratings that are required to gain customers. In such cases, these new restaurants can pay the service provider to place their brand in a place of better visibility.

The Cost Of Creating An UberEats Clone

One needs to know and understand the development cost involved in the process of purchasing and customizing the software according to business needs before getting into the software development process. So that this will help an individual to prepare for the budget and also reduces the financial difficulties faced while midway through the project.

The customization of software solutions varies from company to company. They determine the development costs based on various factors involved in the project. They are:

  1. Number of developers involved in the project
  2. Features and functionalities integrated into the application
  3. The technology stack used in the app development
  4. The time is taken to complete the project
  5. Resources allocated for the project
  6. The app design
  7. Number of app platforms on which the app has to be launched
As said earlier, each company has its own costs. If you wish to know the exact cost to get the app/software for your business developed, it is suggested to reach out to the company you prefer for your app development.

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