Businesses need an effective communications system to ensure that they develop sound revenue streams. It is not enough to have robust communication systems outside the organization. A Phone number for business would improve the employee’s productivity while reducing the lead time involved in conducting the business.

Businesses that have continuous contact with their clients need to have a stronger communications network because of the need for query solutions. The marketing and business development side of the same business needs to have an effective communications network for bringing in new clientele. 

Addressing all these concerns via the traditional routes is a difficult task because of the monumental investment in infrastructure required. The number of telephone connections called PSTN, or the linkage between telephone lines and multiple telephones within the office would require meticulous planning and large upfront capital consumption. 

Matters are rendered worse in case a company has operations in multiple countries but has consolidated its service centres in one location or one time zone. This search for alternate solutions is what resulted in the widespread adoption of new technology such as virtual phone numbers, VoIP, Business Phone Numbers, and internet-based toll-free numbers.

Understanding a US Business Phone Number

Conventionally, setting up offices in the developed markets, or places with the largest client base meant that the cost of office space is expensive and not affordable. But that was an important part of setting up a local enterprise that could deal with the customers or in getting new clientele. But now, with the advent of VoIP and virtual phone numbers, you don’t need a presence where you have your client base situated. 

That means if your call centres or business development centres are situated in other countries, but your base of operations is in the United States; all you need is a US Business Phone Number. Essentially, it gives the illusion that the number is located within the country offering the customers confidence and the prospective customers acknowledgement regarding the partnership with your organization.

However, this phone number would redirect the calls to wherever you want it to be redirected allowing to set up infrastructure in countries that are cheapest and within your budget like India. There are several benefits to using such a number. Primarily, you could avoid the cost of upkeep required by traditional telephone services. Secondly, since the whole system is wireless and works on a cloud level, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and redirected to any part of the world.

How Would a US Business Phone Number Work?

The idea behind the working of your US Virtual Phone Number is remarkably simple. A customer would call the virtual number, which would be listed on your portal. This online phone number, through the provider of long-distance virtual numbers, forwards the customer’s US phone number to any of a set of given telephone numbers available at the destination. Since the number that forwards the customer’s call is virtual, no additional hardware installation is required

Integrating VoIP services with this american phone number would ensure that you can redirect the customer’s number internally to any department, or any phone system in the office even when the virtual phone is set up in India. VoIP uses internet packets to convert phone signals and transmit them to wherever they need to be sent. Add this with the virtual business phone number you’ll have a robust network of a communications system that operates on a scale that is more advanced than traditional systems.

Figuring Out Your Business Needs

The effectiveness of calls can’t be quantified, nor can a volume of calls be equated to effective business operations. Figuring out whether your business needs a business phone number is an important step. If the nature of your business is such that you face a lot of enquiries, or you have to do aggressive business development to find B2B partners. It makes sense for you to invest in online phone numbers and VoIP that is located in India as it would help you reduce the infrastructure cost. Handling of customer needs, especially if it means after-sales servicing, then it is probably ideal that you invest the amount in a country like India to help you suffice your after-sales service at a low cost.

Which VoIP Provider to Choose

Usually, the provider that charges the least also provides the worst service. That doesn’t mean exorbitant fares equates to extraordinary service. If your business is going to provide toll-free numbers, which would boost the brand equity and the customer’s confidence, then it makes sense to go for a median service, someone who provides between 5-8 cents per minute of toll-free. 

It is also important to understand what you expect from a VoIP service. If you need call recording features, or voice-to-text presence and other such features, then it makes sense to go for some of the premium packages. Ultimately, it’s a tradeoff between the cost per call per minute and its benefits. You can’t have a service that frequently gives a busy tone to the customers. You can’t also have agents sitting idle due to the lack of customers dialling in. That’s a waste of human as well as infrastructure resources.

Setting Your US Phone Number

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