In the world where everything now is driven by technology and every trivial to pivotal work is done with the help of the internet, digital marketing thus came in the fore and brought with it a revolutionary change in the way of marketing. The advancement and development in technology has made mobile and internet to be very much accessible to each and every person at least since the last decade and with that every work started shifting from offline to online. The online marketing started getting more importance rather than offline marketing for several factors such as- for customers it saves time in this fast pace of life which otherwise would have been a hassle to go to the market and shop in busy schedules, another factor to get several options to choose from displayed on your device which is not possible to get to check so much variety in offline stores; for the sellers it opened a broad horizon to reach out to millions of people worldwide and also gave several people employment opportunities. Well, these are just some of the major factors mentioned here. This is just the backdrop to primarily dive deep into the world of digital marketing and its mandatory aspect SEO.  

 SEO and its importance

SEO or search engine optimization is a very important area of digital marketing for say without which your website will be lost among million other websites and people might never find it. As in an offline market you have seen there are so many numbers of brick-and-mortar stores trying to seek the attention of the audience to have a proper sale and have a flourishing business, but while offline there are a limited store exists in a specific area but in online there exists innumerable websites because it is a platform open to people across the world. And in such a scenario just building a website and wishing to connect to the target audience and start selling won’t happen easily as without proper optimization of your website the search engine won’t let your website appear in the SERPs.  

The search engine optimization or SEO is the process by which your website is optimized properly so that the website could reach the target audience and get higher visibility in the search engine result pages in order to drive organic traffic towards your website and have an overall organic growth of the business. It is the way of reaching millions of people over the internet without doing paid ads. While this is just the definition of SEO and it is way more than that. SEO is a broad and complex subject but we will try to simplify it as much as we can for the beginnings in this blog. 

How it affects the growth of a business with or without SEO?

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With SEO now you have a fair share of ideas of its importance in digital marketing and how it is effective in making your presence felt among the target audience. Now the search engines like Google require quality content and relevant information according to the niche of your business in order to show it to the searchers who are looking for something in Google which you can provide. But on what basis Google would show your website to the customers if suppose your website is about Andaman Tourism but it is reflecting to those audiences in the SERP where the searchers would just want information about Andaman and not the one to visit there. They would visit your page and then return to Google to visit another link as they didn’t get what they were seeking. Here the role of putting right keywords to a website is very important which we are to talk about in depth in a while in this blog. Hence ultimately there will be no sale and no revenue. 

A brief about SEO elements

These are the aspects which a SEO expert looks for, analyse, manage and optimize of a website to achieve the goal of getting higher visibility. If one wishes to hire the most competent SEO expert, they may contact Aditya Khanna, a recognised SEO expert based in Delhi.

  • Choosing right keywords– Having the right keywords in your website according to your business is extremely important else Google won’t show your website to the target audience. Look for keywords which have high search volume. As the search result is changing every day, one needs to remain up to date about the relevant keywords. It also needs to be checked that the keywords being searched many times is relevant with your business or not and directly reflecting what’s your business is all about or not else again there won’t be any use of it. 
  • On-page optimization– Now after choosing the right keywords comes the on-page optimization wherein comes the implementation of these keywords to your website. Choose a creative title tag often using the high search volume keywords. The content in your page is very much important and each page should have relevant and unique content which also helps in showing an effective line as meta description. As Google cannot read images hence putting right alt tags is important for image optimization. And then comes scheme markup wherein additional details like rating, reviews are shown along with meta description which is effective in getting more clicks in your URL. 
  • Internal linking– Internal linking can spike the performance of your SEO. After all the above-mentioned SEO elements, internal linking is another important aspect of SEO. Internal linking forms a site structure and it is helpful in providing more value to a page. Having links to a page would be considered holding more value than the other pages and it provides link equity to the website which helps in ranking your page higher. 
  • Content marketing– Content is the soul of a website and SEO. SEO works with unique, valuable and relevant content strategies to drive the target audience to your website. It is done so by blogs where you will post unique, informative and relevant content. The free blogs and its information are effective in building trust of the audience and once they like your provided information they will have the urge to checkout your website more and ultimately buy your product.