It is a cosy winter morning. You turn on the geyser to take a quick shower, your daughter waters the lawn, your son is finishing the last bout of his favourite game on his PlayStation, while your wife tosses some sandwiches in the microwave. It sounds like a common household scenario.

Between powering the house, watering the garden, and preparing food, energy costs become one of the most considerable expenses you incur monthly or annually. And this has become a significant reason for more and more people to redirect to green energy. The green energy solutions not only reduce your energy costs but also decrease your carbon footprint, helping you contribute your share towards a greener environment.

Green Energy Solutions for Home

You can adopt a few easy-to-do practices that require no installation or significant construction, but these minor changes might not yield the desired long-term cost savings. Employing major green energy solutions takes time to research, buy, and maintain the system, but the independence it offers and the money you save makes it a worthy investment. So, suppose you need some significant green technologies to be more energy-efficient, save costs and protect the environment. In that case, you can choose from a few commonly adopted renewable energy solutions for homes. The green energy solutions that you can employ to supply some or all of your electricity needs are:

  • Small Wind Electric Systems

  • Small Solar Electric Systems

  • Micro Hydropower Systems

  • Small Hybrid Electric Systems (conjunction of solar and wind energy)

Planning for Adopting Green Technologies

You can go for one or more of the above mentioned technologies to reduce your energy costs and ecological impact. Also, these methods can be used individually, fused, or in combination with fossil fuel systems. But, before you decide on which solution to opt for, it is necessary to undertake the planning process.

While remodelling your house or building a new one, working with your builder with an energy-efficient and systematic approach is of utmost significance. You should: 

– Analyze your current electricity use

– Know about the local codes and requirements for installing these technologies

– Determine if you want to operate on or off of the electric grid

 -Understand technology options available at your location

Choosing the Right Green Energy Technology

It is critical to determine which option best suits your needs and requirement. To select the appropriate renewable energy system for your house, you should have a basic understanding of:

  • Working of each technology

  • Availability

  • Economics and costs

  • System siting

  • System sizing

  • Codes and regulations

  • Installation, operation, and maintenance considerations


Over the last decade, we have seen rooftop solar systems for homes gaining popularity. Commercial, industrial or residential users across the country are transitioning away from fossil-fueled electricity grids towards the clean solar energy economy. Amidst this period of energy reform, solar rooftops in India are taking off at a remarkable rate. To promote mass adoption, the government is offering numerous policies and incentives. Financial institutions like NBFCs and reputed service providers offer solar financing services in India. Reliable and expert solar service providers like Mysun offer advanced tools like the solar rooftop calculator and flexible payment options to facilitate convenient and hassle-free adoption.