Urgent care is commonly used for acute problems when you are ill, you have an accident or injury, or you need Urgent Care Center in Bronx without an appointment. Urgent care can also help meet your primary care needs when you change providers. We can treat a variety of ailments and we will be happy to help you maintain your health.

Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, etc. can be discussed with our service providers! Although routine treatment with your nearest clinic is recommended and advisable, we respond to the needs of these diseases when it may be difficult to reach Clinic. We can provide routine renewals for most medications, order the laboratory tests required by medical facilities, provide training on your condition and treatment, help set up a clinic if necessary, and even refer you to specialists in Bronx New York.

Although we treat most chronic diseases, some diseases or medications require close monitoring and follow-up, which we can direct to clinic for ongoing treatment to get the best possible treatment on an ongoing basis. We always do everything we can in our centers and, if necessary, discuss with you the monitoring of medication and / or medication changes.

Chronic pain is best referred to a clinic or even a pain management professional. We can evaluate and suggest treatment options to improve pain, range of motion, and functional capacity. Although chronic painkillers require a visit to a specialist, we will help you find local outlets and make recommendations to get the best treatment.

Tips for finding the best first aid during the holidays

Getting sick or injured is the last thing you want to do on vacation, but it’s better to be prepared than to repent. Planning ahead can help you get the care you need and also save your vacation.

First aid for children

Pediatric services are available in and around New York in many locations. There are different pediatric clinics as options. For those with an established senior pediatrician, it is always best to call, as established patients are usually given priority.

Solve the coding and billing challenges of first aid

Urgent Care centers provide medical services without prior registration and extended opening hours for patients seeking treatment for a wide range of non-life-threatening