Mobile apps have tremendously offered us several ways through which we have brought immense comfort in our lives. Today, there is an app for almost everything that we do and these apps prove to be quite helpful in enhancing our knowledge and approach towards anything. Hearing is such an aspect that goes unnoticed by most of us. We have never realized the importance of keeping sound and healthy ears and identifying some symptoms or hearing problems that may lead to serious ear problems. We are often so busy in our lifestyles that we don’t listen to our ears which are responsible for hearing anything and adding joy and peace to our lives.

You may be surprised to know that over 450 million people suffer from hearing loss and 300 million people are suffering from the Tinnitus effect; a buzzing sound within the ear that has no source or origin. There are some amazing apps available on the app stores which can help you to tune perfectly with your ears and identify any hearing loss on time. This article will discuss some most useful apps which can turn out to be a boon for your ears.

AudioCardio App (Preventive App)

This amazing app is a great resource that your ears can have. The app is designed and developed to maintain, protect, and strengthen hearing with some exciting and innovative features that it offers to its users. It is based on Threshold sound conditioning technology TSC that is majorly used to address sensorineural hearing loss. In this app, you will get some hearing exercises based on fast hearing assessments and will generate scores for each ear separately. Based on those scores, you can create a personalized sound therapy that you can use while doing any daily routine activity like listening to music, watching television, or anything else. Get the best hearing exercise for your ears with targeted frequencies for each ear. The only thing to be focused on here is that the app may be used for preventing your ears from any hearing loss or problem or to identify a hearing disorder on time to take good care of it before sending an audiologist or an ear expert.

Ear Booster App (For Mild hearing Loss)

This is a perfect app for those who have developed some mild hearing loss and will make your ears capable of hearing sounds which others can’t hear. You just have to select the audio source that this app should use and get on an exciting journey with this wonderful app. You will also find various exciting features in the app like an equalizer for fine-tuning, noise suppressor, multiple audio sources, and active user notifications. You just need to allow some permissions after downloading the app which is meant to display some ads and use the microphone of the device to help you improve your hearing.

Hear Coach App (For Mild hearing Loss)

The app is developed by Starkey hearing Technologies and is quite helpful in getting good insights into your auditory system. It is primarily a suite of exciting listening games which are designed to train your ears to hear in different environments. These games are suitable for those who have developed some sort of hearing problems and even those who face some troubles in clearly understanding speech under certain backgrounds. The app is only available for Android users but is surely an effective way to generate awareness regarding your hearing problems and overcoming them with the help of this app.

Noise Control Pro (Preventive App)

This is also one of the best hearing protection apps that are designed carefully to offer you a perfect regime for your ear sound problem. This app is available for Android users only and uses the microphone of your device to measure how loud your environment is in decibels. You can also record the sounds for later playback and can match the improvement in your hearing capacity. There are several other interesting features in this app that will help you to know your hearing environment better and how capable are your ears in corresponding to it.

Roger Voice App (Telephonic purpose)

This app is also designed beautifully to facilitate phone calls for people with some hearing loss and who find it difficult to understand clear speech. The calls are captioned through a computer voice recognition system and you need an active internet connection while making any calls to allow this app to help you understand the speech on calls. You will also need to purchase a call plan if you want this app to work effectively for you. However, it is free among the users of this app. Your active call plan will also generate a “Roger Number” which you can be given instead of your normal contact number to call you.

All these apps are selected thoroughly based on their features and functionalities along with the efficacy level. You will surely benefit from these to strengthen your hearing and keeping your ears protected against any serious damage.