It shows the truth and virtue of truthfulness. When Romans possess any good virtue, they show themselves as veritas. It also shows that truth is mighty. It will dominate no matter what happened.

Use of Veritas In A Sentence

To cleat the meaning of it, here we are using this word in various sentences.

  • It does convey a ring of veritas.
  • Veritas is in vino and it frequently batters its way out.
  • In vino veritas
  • You know what is veritas?
  • All the members of veritas are no more in this world.

So, from all the above sentences, the meaning of this term is clear. The origin of this word is Latin. It is not an English word. However, several other new words are deriving from this expression such as verity and very. In addition, many Latin phrases and mottos still use this term in daily life sentences. So, it is clear that it represents the goddess of truth and honest merchants. On the other hand, the other meanings of this word are the daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtus. They no longer exist now but this term is still in use.


Chice signifies something which is in minor quantity. Such as a chice of salt, chice of sugar, a chice of fruit juice, etc. It also displays something very astonishing or a remarkable lifestyle. The source of this word is from the English language but the public uses this word for numerous situations as this word has various meanings. Fashion Dai is the meaning of this word in Urdu. Similarly, in various other languages, the public applies this word in many contexts.

It also signifies two chins or more than two chins of humans under the one real chin. The other meaning of chice is that it signifies very delicious foodstuff. This kind of food is a combination of grained and Hormel rice. This food is derivative of chilies and from its texture, it is very delectable. It is mostly present with toast or crackers as an aside. Chice is also a restaurant that serves several delicious food items such as Thai BBQ and desserts. They serve lamb, chicken, beef, and many seafood products.

Chice definition

‘‘It defines a type of lifestyle or something tremendously awesome.’’

For example:

  • His new dress is very chice.
  • She likes to spend a chice life.

The other meanings of this term are nice, amazing, sick, awesome, and stir up. It also defines something that is harvest from olives. It also practices as a short form of an expression cheese slice. For instance, if you have to request someone for a part of cheese slice, you can only say:

Can I get a chice for my cheese?

The other meaning of chice is that it signifies a very delightful food. This kind of food is a combination of Hormel and grained rice. The ready food is derivative of chilies and from its consistency, it is very delicious. It is frequently served with toast or crackers as an aside.