Looking for reliable energy products with affordable prices is challenging. If you go for low price electricity products, it is highly likely that you will get suboptimal devices that could turn into a nightmare for you. During the early 2010s, the Australian renewable energy market was flooded by low-quality products with poor performances that deteriorated the trust of Australians. Deep Cycle Systems never compromise over the quality of products; that’s why we won the confidence of our customers. Our solar stockpile includes premium quality Victron energy products which is a European-based manufacturer. Due to high-quality solar products, Australians gained confidence in solar products, and we observed an increase in the sale of solar products by many folds. Deep Cycle Systems is an Australian family business serving for years by providing technologically advanced energy products, including power inverters, battery banks, solar systems, battery chargers, battery isolators and DC to DC converters.

Solar System:

Solar energy caught the attention of Australian homeowners as the nation topped in having the highest watts per capita solar energy, which was over 600 watts, in 2018 by surpassing Germany, which stands at 580 watts the same year. This shows the increased usage of solar electricity as, during the 2019 year, the share of solar energy consumption remained 8.1% with more than a 17000-megawatt production rate, which is growing day by day. A special contribution towards solar production is by rooftop solar systems by Australian families.

Solar System Devices:

The solar system includes devices that use sun rays to generate electricity, convert it to a useable form, store it in battery packs and deliver it via a distribution system. Modern-day solar systems are intelligent, efficient and playing their critical role in meeting the threats of global warming by reducing the usage of grid electricity produced by coal and diesel.

Here are the components of a solar system:

Solar Panel:

Solar panels are silicon cells used to extract energy from sunlight to use as an alternative to grid electricity in the case of an on-grid solar system. The off-grid solar system supplies solar electricity to those living in remote areas due to any reason. The off-grid solar units have become the first choice for travellers as they need not pay for gasoline or diesel generators; instead, they can get help from sunlight to use clean, free solar energy. Solar panels produce direct current electricity, which we need to convert to alternate current as it is the form we need for our electric appliances.

Solar Inverters:

Deep Cycle Systems solar power inverters are advanced outcomes to provide you with premium quality products. The primary task for an inverter is to convert the DC into AC so that we can operate our home electric appliances using solar power. Some shining features of our inverters are a built-in MPPT solar charger, three-phase integration, over and under charge protection, high-temperature protection, high and low voltage protection and virtual accessibility. You can monitor, control and program your solar system via your smartphone mobile.

Lithium Batteries:

Despite the high prices, Lithium-ion batteries are replacing the traditional acid-flooded batteries due to their performance and longer lifespan. Lithium-ion battery packs have become an integral part of solar systems as these storage devices are lightweight, and you can get deep discharge very often. A deep discharge for a lead-acid battery means a negative impact on battery life. A Deep Cycle LiFePo4 Battery can be discharged up to 90%, while an acid battery can’t go beyond half of its capacity.

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