Make fresh revelations about the UAE’s illustrious history. Experience the historical development of the UAE at one of Dubai’s premier unique places. The Etihad Museum is housed in a beautiful structure in Jumeirah. It has several engaging exhibits where guests may learn more about the history of the UAE. Tourists may learn about the country’s development through pictures, videos, and other media, particularly between 1968 and 1974.

  • The uniqueness of Dubai Desert Safari

There are so many entertainment options available during this safari. A desert safari in Dubai is one of a kind. To start with the tour, the scenery seen on a safari is breathtaking. You may keep wondering at this amazement with a tent remaining all night following a safari adventure. It adds to the uniqueness of these Dubai desert safari deals. As you will be engaging in some excitement, it is suitable to put flexible clothing. Make sure you do not adhere to your body. The desert safari in Dubai often contains various fun things, such as camel riding and dune bashing. Afternoon and nighttime safaris may also include traditional presentations, barbeque choices, and desert camp options.

  • Discover the UAE’s origins.

Explore the UAE’s rich history before the signing of the treaty that joined the seven emirates. Learn about the UAE’s unprecedented social prosperity since its establishment as the Arab world’s first confederation. The museum, which covers 25,000 square meters, is situated in the exact historical location of the Union House. Canadian designers Moriyama and Teshima create gallery’s curving white ceiling. The charter influences the gallery’s curving. It is additionally embellished with seven columns that represent the pen used to honour the contract. The Etihad Museum has a bookstore, an academic advising, a temporary art museum, and a café.

  • Art Activities

The Etihad Museum houses several pictures, films, and art activities. You may see relics from the initial founders of this country. See educational movies about the nation’s history, and listen to and discover so much about the country’s heritage. There is also a friendly bookstore where one may browse photo books. There is a lovely park to stroll around and a fantastic cafe selling specialities like camel milk frozen yoghurt.

  • Overview of the Tour

Visit the ancient Etihad Museum and the world-famous Burj Khalifa jointly and save a lot of money on your Dubai city tour deals.  The Etihad Museum, located on the grounds of the Union House, where the influential treaty symbolizing the unity of the UAE, was signed in 1971. It allows you to explore the nation’s unique history, culture, heritage, and economic situations before and after the establishment of the UAE. A diverse collection of vintage pictures, antique relics, and exciting items from the sheikh’s albums wait for you here. It includes Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi’s gold blade and Sheik Rashid’s passports.

  • Museum Attractions

Wander around its eight tents, enjoy informative 3D movies about the nation’s humble beginnings, and marvel at the fascinatingly large artwork by award-winning designer Abdul Qader Al Rais. You may view the chronology of the UAE’s union and the profiles and family histories of the founders of this country. Furthermore, the gallery’s walls have several solid and inspirational quotations from the founder sheikhs, notably the late Sheik Zayed. The institution is equally fantastic for its spectacular design, with an excellent study, a gorgeous floral garden, and a seasonal art gallery. It is a modern 21st-century exhibition that commemorates the heritage of Emirates through pictures, videos, personal items, and interactive exhibits. A vast white concrete courtyard connects the Union House and the reconstructed homestay where the monarchs resided during the talks.

  • About Etihad Museum

The gallery is split into eight sections and contains temporary and permanent rooms, a theatre, an instructional space, and a leisure area. Visitors receive a taste of the UAE’s rich past and lifestyle before the agreement, with events ranging from 1968 to the completion of Emirates unity in 1971. The floors each have a new focus deeply committed to the Founding Fathers, where tourists can recognize each of them through photographs and individual quotations. Adorning the walls, personal objects such as old travel documents, bracelets, eyewear, wristwatches, stickers and notes, and other rare items are on showcase. Interactive screens provide details about the Forefathers.

  • Booking of Desert Safari tour

Because Dubai is a tourist attraction, you must visit there with a planned strategy and schedule. It is advisable to finish the desert safari Dubai reservation before arriving to reduce crowds and reduce the waiting period. Planning this safari ahead of time ensures that you get to experience what you want to appreciate, rather than having to choose from what is accessible at the last minute. You may also choose add-ons to your safari deals without having to decide on the moment. Furthermore, there is always the advantage of obtaining savings with an online reservation rather than paying the actual cost after arriving.


Then, with seamless access to the At the Top Viewing Platform of the Burj Khalifa, witness Dubai’s spectacular contemporary downtown skyline, unmatched desert, sparkling ocean, and more from a magnificent vantage point. Deep in the centre of the fashionable Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa rises at an astounding 828 meters in height, giving it the world’s tallest building. A super-fast elevator’s journey heads straight to the 124th level, experience an unparalleled panoramic view of Dubai. Thanks to ground window panes and sophisticated binoculars, it is easy for tourists to explore.