There are so many hot trends in massage therapy right now. If you are passionate about massage and other healing arts, there are many emerging movements that you should pay attention to. Here are some of the hottest trends in massage therapy right now: Massage in Al Muraqqabat


Aromatherapy: Everyone loves things that smell good, maybe that’s why it’s a trend in the world of massage and bodywork right now. Practitioners can use essential oils from plant parts to help restore the body through healing and sensory measures during various massages.


Five Element Massage – Combining the Law of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with shiatsu and Swedish massage, this style of massage is gaining popularity. Practitioners also integrate energy work to give each client a share of the universal energy force.

Hot Stone Massage: Practitioners use hot and cold volcanic stones to relieve pain, pressure, and tension in the body and mind of clients.


Reiki: This energy healing practice is based on the concept of elemental energy forces of Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal the body. The masseurs hardly touch their clients; instead, they use energy work to amplify, balance, and bond with the client.


Sports massage: This style of massage focuses on parts of the body that are overused in sports such as cycling, swimming, and running, with techniques that relieve pain and tension specific to each sport.


Thai massage: More and more people are receiving Thai-style massages, which combine acupressure and other techniques. Practitioners put pressure on the arms, back, feet, hands, and legs to repair misaligned skeletons, improve flexibility, and relieve muscle tension.


Watsu: This form of Shiatsu massage was developed by Harold Dull in the hot springs of Middleton, in the 1980s. More than 20 years later, it took off as a popular spa treatment. The technique consists of traditional Japanese shiatsu with the added element of pools of water in which clients immerse themselves while the masseuse massages and stretches the body. Spa in Internet City