Fire accidents in commercial places are common. Especially in chemical industries, it occurs the most. Fire accidents may happen due to human errors. Also, they may occur due to external factors. While all the factors can’t be controlled, it is important to take the necessary precautions.


Fire devastations in commercial spaces not only damage properties but can be life-threatening as well. If the flock of workers can’t evacuate from the building at the right time, it can injure people or even lead them to death. Therefore, commercial places must consider deploying tools and ways to avoid fire disasters.


Precautions to avoid fire accidents


A fire accident can be avoided by taking precautions. Also, preparatory methods can minimize the adverse consequences of fire accidents. These initiatives make people aware and help to keep them ready whenever fire accidents take place.

Below are some tips to avoid fire accidents at the workplace.


  • The first step is to keep essential equipment in the building to take immediate action. Equipments like a fire extinguisher should be kept at the place. Also, make sure that the fire alarm is functioning properly.
  • It is important to keep the environment neat and clean. This minimizes the risk of accidents. Any chemical, hazardous or flammable substances should be disposed of from time to time in a certain place.
  • Checking on the fire-retarding equipment and maintaining a safe workplace is important. Proper and regular maintenance can avoid potential fire accidents.
  • The building should have several evacuation doors so that the people can leave the building in the shortest time possible. Also, two or more staircases can help people move out of the building quickly.
  • Try to separate the smoking area from the building. This would avoid fire accidents from burning cigarettes.
  • Make sure to check on the electrical connections in the building. Vulnerable electric wires, plugs, and connections can lead to a short circuit. This can initiate a fire. Besides, electrical equipment should be examined regularly to avoid fire accidents.
  • Personal awareness is important. People working in the building must know how to react during a fire disaster. If they take the necessary steps, life threats can be minimized. Also, their consciousness can avoid the formation of fire in the first place.

Causes of fire accidents

Knowing the fire accident causes can help you take precautions. Employees must learn about the possible causes of fire accidents so that they stay careful.

The most common causes of fire devastations are mentioned below.


  • Electrical appliances-

Offices and commercial places use a lot of electrical devices. Starting from laptops, manufacturing machines, to water heaters, several devices require electricity. Heated plug, vulnerable electrical wires, or faulty electrical appliances can cause detrimental fire accidents.

  • Kitchen-

Kitchens in commercial areas cause fire too. Disposal of oil, gas and uncontrolled stove flame can cause dangerous fire devastation. Especially in restaurants and hotels, these risks are the most.

  • Human errors-

Careless dealing with chemicals, combustible substances, etc. is a common reason behind most fire accidents. Lack of awareness and frequent human errors may cause dangerous fire accidents.

  • Intentional-

Criminals may intentionally set a building on fire to destroy business properties. In such situations, fire extinguishers can help. The watchman should stay alert at night as such incidents occur mostly at night.


There is a way that can enhance the safety measures in the commercial place. Installing fire-retardant plywood in building construction and interior can slow down the fire thus providing plenty of time to take measures.


Therefore, taking precautions and preparing for fire accidents can be the solution. Also, personal awareness and learning the fire accident reasons can help to avoid deleterious consequences.