While most of the public entertainment locations all over the world were had shuttered down due to lockdowns imposed during the Covid19 pandemic outbreak and we were confined to our homes the public tourist locations started reopening slowly and steadily in recent times. We had planned much earlier but had shelved it due to the Covid19 pandemic outbreak. So we decided to visit Bandipur National Park in the Karnataka state of India. It was also the time for us to search for one of the best Bandipur Jungle resorts.


Searching for Resorts in Bandipur

We had conducted our research and homework before arriving in India. It transpired during such research that resorts in Bandipur could be best for our camping there. The reason is that such resorts could make our stay comfortable and also provide outdoor and indoor activities for our entire family. After a thorough search and comparison of offers given by the resorts in Bandipur on their websites, we decided in favor of MC Resorts in Bandipur.


Why We Chose MC Resorts

We wanted to find one of the best Bandipur Jungle resorts where we would find the best environment and client-friendly environments. In addition; we wanted to know about their arrangements for our exploration of forest in Bandipur. The people representing the resort made a detailed discussion first over the phone and then by live chat online. What we found is that they were ready to clarify all our doubts about various aspects of our stay in Bandipur. We were impressed and decided to choose MC Resorts among all the Bandipur Jungle Resorts that were equipped to provide the best of everything to us.


We were Received Very Well on Arrival

When we arrived at MC Resorts on the rescheduled date and time we found that they were in readiness to receive us. The resort staffs including the manager were very friendly and cooperative. It was an altogether different experience for us in comparison to various other wildlife resorts in India where we camped earlier. It certainly is one of the contenders for top rank in the hospitality industry in the country.


What we Got in the Resort

The rooms were spacious and were well furnished including soft and inviting beds. The resort had taken care that we have access to all the modern amenities we are accustomed to. Besides the attached bath, hot and cold shower, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, and bedside lamps were some of the good features. The resort also has video games for children, a gym, and swimming pools for adults. The best part of it was that they also provided us food and beverages we wanted to match our tastes. However, that is not the only reason leading to our opinion about it as one of the best wildlife resorts in India.


What Makes MC Resorts the Best?

The most important thing that made us take such a view was the way the resort management handled our main aim of enjoying the close encounter with nature in the National Park. They organized everything in a manner that we were able to optimize our time management including the famous tiger and elephant safari as well as various sightseeing including the historic Gopalaswamy Betta. We were only thanking ourselves for making Bandipur resorts reservation online and selecting MC Resorts finally.

Like they did as at the time we were making Bandipur resorts reservation online the manager and staff had a detailed discussion with us. They enquired whether there is any change in our programs or if we needed anything especially for the children and did not argue when we pointed out a couple of things we did not ask for while reserving rooms in the resort online. They organized everything in the best way.


We had a nice time in Bandipur thanks to MC Resorts.