Facilitating Safe Access— Road Safety Traffic Barricades

The roadways are bustling now that so many businesses have reopened following the shutdown. While many people are eager to roll down their windows, play the radio, and feel the rush of fresh air dancing in their hair, this only means Australia needs to up the traffic safety systems game. According to statistics, Australia faced 1,133 road fatalities this year (accounted up to the fiscal year ending April 30, 2021). If we were to look at the numbers, road deaths in the country have been consistently high since 2015. All of these make road barricades and safety systems more crucial than ever. Road safety goods make roads safer and can result in significant reductions in yearly accidents and fatalities. In a nutshell, it can save countless lives.

From mobility to signs, good traffic control is essential. Here are some of the important road safety equipment that helps lower vehicle velocities, keep the crowds informed and safe, and help reduce construction injuries and accidents risks.

Road Fences

Road fences are mostly used to protect construction workers from oncoming traffic. Road fences help organize traffic by guiding vehicles and displaying work zones. These road safety products are simple to handle, transfer, and install. They are often black to ensure maximum visibility during the day, but they also come in a variety of colors depending on their intended function. For greater visibility at night, these road fences are frequently fortified with retro-reflectors.

Safety Cones

Traffic cones are often employed for road safety because of their clear visibility. Cones are attached to a robust base, which keeps them from tumbling over and becoming a nuisance in traffic. When using traffic safety cones in road construction, they are positioned correctly for optimum construction site safety. Safety cones are assembled with a retro-reflective sleeve for maximum visibility. But they can also come with flashing lights for the same purpose. Safety cones are available in several sizes and colors, with neon orange being the most prevalent.

Road Barricades

Road barricades are utilized at any time of day or night, available in both lighted and unlit variants. They are usually installed on road dividers that partition the lanes and are positioned in the roadway to improve divider visibility. Road barricades have higher resilience against structural or environmental damage. They are considered more powerful, safer, and sturdier than traditional portable barricades. Road barricades are made of tough materials to withstand structural damage as well as exposure to the environment. They do not corrode, peel, or crack easily and require little to no care. These effective safety products are equipped with gaps to redirect wind and keep them from being blown away. They are built to withstand severe gusts generated by speeding automobiles.


A whopping 92.5 percent of all Australian households own a car, amounting to about 17,158,195 vehicles. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, up till January 2021, the country has recorded 20.1 million car registrations. One can only imagine how many millions of drivers climb into their cars and take to the roads. All of these factors take us back to why road safety is highly crucial—

Road safety devices can contribute significantly to the way society functions. This ensures that no lives are wasted in traffic accidents due to poor traffic safety. We hope this article has provided you with a decent understanding of the various traffic safety products.

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