If you happen to be a resident of Pune and ask the question- “Is there a good nursery school in Pune”, the answer would be an emphatic yes. In fact, there is a very large number of good nursery schools in Pune . That is not surprising really considering that Pune is one of India’s very well-regarded cities in light of its very cosmopolitan nature. It is also a major IT hub and employs technology professionals from all over India.

It naturally has a large number of schools, colleges, and other institutions of high learning to cater to the needs of the people who live in this very important city in the state of Maharashtra. Let’s check out some of the leading nursery and Montessori schools in Pune.

Fun Nursery School

This school as its name suggests is a great place for the little ones to make a beginning to their education. Children at this school develop their emotional and social abilities in a manner that makes them both respectful and able to solve problems. This happens in an enabling environment that allows them to explore their environment, interact with their peers and grow in confidence. They are helped in all that by their stellar staff and teachers who help the children learn art, reading, and writing.

Little Explorers Pre School

This is a very highly regarded school for very small children that boasts a teaching methodology and curriculum that incorporates global best teaching practices. These include UK early learning goals, play way learning methodology, and Montessori learning methodology. Among the skills imparted by them are communication, language, problem-solving, reasoning, and numeracy.

Global Indian International School

The Global Indian International School, a leading kindergarten school in Hadapsar offers the Global Montessori Plus Programme which is an amalgam of the Montessori approach and the best practices expected of modern pre-school education. It is not surprising that this is an award-winning program and has garnered much praise from parents for the way it shapes the minds of the little ones at such a young and impressionable age.

Vivero International Pre-School & Child Care

The 1500 square feet of outdoor space helps their students learn and grow in a chile-centric environment that lays great emphasis on family connections. You will find the little ones busy in myriad outdoor activities like sand play, water play, and having fun in the treehouse that is also used for storytelling sessions. The school boasts several workshops that teach art, music, and movement. These help the small children develop their various faculties in a very enabling manner indeed.

Serra International School Pune

The Serra International Schools is amongst the best known international pre-schools in the whole of Maharashtra. The school provides stellar quality early childhood education that helps children discover their strengths, encouraging them to become lifelong learners and turn into confident youngsters capable of holding their own in any part of the world. It achieves that through its programs for the pre-nursery, nursery, and kindergarten I and II sections of its school.

Shiny Pearl Pre School

The Shiny Pearl Preschool comprises a nursery school and a playschool. It lays stress on the holistic development of the students. It achieves that by striking a balance between academics and extracurricular and sports activities. The fact that the school boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure helps in this process.

Leap bridge International Pre School

This is one of India’s best-known preschools and boasts a high-quality and international standard environment for the little ones. This enables them to grow their innate talents and abilities in an optimal manner. Integral to their growth and development is teaching them to be problem solvers. They are also taken on field trips so that they can learn about the world around them.

Play Pen Nursery School

This school has been around for nearly three decades and is known to focus on the child and not on commercializing education. They function more like a home away from home, allowing every child to bloom and find joy in being himself or herself.


Pune is definitely one of India’s most well-liked cities for its infrastructure, cosmopolitan vibe, and balmy weather. It is not surprising therefore that it also boasts of some very good schools, including those for very small children. The nursery and Montessori schools of Pune, especially the schools in Hadapsar, are some of the best in the country. Many of these are renowned international schools with a global presence. Getting your little one’s admission in any of these schools would go a long way in ensuring that they get the ideal start to their school life.

It is important that a child is introduced to the world of studies in a fun way that makes him or her seek joy from their education and not get intimidated by it. That is something that these schools do admirably well by providing just the right kind of environment for a child that small to be inquisitive about the world that they live in and thereby acquire learning.