Running is a form of aerobic exercise that improves heart health and reduces stress and anxiety. Though it strengthens the muscles and maintains a healthy weight, it adds repetitive stress and impacts the body that people with underlying back problems find frustrating. It makes the pain worse and can lead to further injuries sometimes. You need to look for the best physical therapists for back pain and sciatica relief Redondo Beach CA to help you get great results for back pain and sciatica relief Redondo Beach CA.  

People with back pain need to take great care of their health by following some preventive measures and treatments so that their pain does not get worse. People with sciatica can also follow these measures to continue their running routine without being prone to injuries. The treatments for back pain and sciatica relief Redondo Beach, CA, in running individuals are listed below.

Treatments for Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

Do Stretches Regularly

If you are struck with back pain while running, you can perform some stretching exercises for the upper body, hips, and legs. Doing stretches like reaching the arms over the head and bending over to touch the toes can increase blood flow, activate the back’s muscle tissue, and start the healing mechanism in the body. Also, minimize stress across the lower back by stretching the hamstrings twice daily.

Apply Heat Therapy

Heat therapy warms the areas of pain in runners, especially the lower back pain caused by sciatica. It increases fresh blood flow to the affected areas and removes waste products. Use heated packs to carry out heat therapy for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to promote healing in the affected areas. Heat therapy loosens the muscles and relieves stiffness in the back.

Use Cold Packs 

Cold therapy reduces inflammation in the back muscles and thereby alleviates pain. Applying ice cubes wrapped in a towel or using cold packs on the back for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, two to three times per day, is recommended. The therapy will be more effective for sciatica pain as it numbs the irritated nerve and pain caused by it.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up

Runners need to warm up before running to prevent injuries like back strains and sprains. They can start with a slow two-minute walk and then gradually increase the speed. They can also perform yoga prior to a run that stretches the back muscles and increases the blood flow. Other warm-up exercises include push-ups, burpees, jump ropes, and jumping jacks.

Rest For Some Time

If you experience severe back pain while running, you can rest for a while, say one or two days. This relaxes the muscle groups and prevents injury. One can perform other low-impact activities like yoga or riding a stationary bike during this time. 

Choose the Right Shoes

Choosing the right and comfortable shoes is vital for every runner to prevent injuries and back pain. They have a significant impact on the runners’ bodies. They provide the support needed for the back while running since lack of proper support leads to misalignment of the spine.

The right pair of shoes have the ability to improve and stabilize the position of the feet, thus providing the correct posture for the body. They prevent muscle strain and back pain and allow muscles, bones, and joints to work efficiently.

Change the Running Form

Running form can minimize the impact of back muscle groups involved while you run. An incorrect running form can increase excess pressure on the back and can lead to injuries.

Keep the chest aimed outward and pump arms only forward and backward. Keep the shoulders back and relaxed and develop a comfortable striking motion from mid-foot to toes. It is advisable to take shorter, faster strides rather than larger, bounding strides. 

Massage Therapy

If you experience severe back pain that lasts for longer periods of time, then it is advisable to visit a physical therapy center for performing massage therapy. Physical therapists use their hands and fingers to perform massage therapy and manipulate the soft tissues of the body. 

Massage increases the blood flow, relaxes the stiffened back muscle groups, and creates a better healing response in the body. It also helps enhance the release of endorphins which are the natural pain-relieving hormones in the body.

Try Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are custom-made prescription shoes designed for an individual to help relieve leg, foot, ankle pain, and eventually back pain. It improves and stabilizes the positions of the feet on the ground by realigning them, which in turn can impact the overall posture and help manage back pain.

Final Thoughts

Having a strengthened spine and back muscle groups is essential for running without pain. Follow the above-said measures for back pain and sciatica relief Redondo Beach, CA, to prevent injuries. If someone experiences severe pain even after following the measures and treatments, they need to visit their physical therapists, who find the underlying cause of pain and treat them accordingly.