Hair transplant might not have grabbed the attention of the people in the past but now it is the most acceptable hair loss treatment across the globe. Science and technology are advancing and making things easy for the people. The hair transplant industry is advancing year to year producing the improved results and delivering the best hair loss treatment.

India has long been known for artistry and paintings and so are what cosmetic surgeries demands. The surgical skills alone could not provide successful outcomes but artistic skills are demanding too. It is true that India has become the place to go for hair transplant tourism but let’s know what the reason behind it is.

Hair transplant is a sophisticated cosmetic procedure which is used to cover the bald area on the scalp area or in the facial areas like beard, moustache or eyebrows reconstruction. The procedure is also used to redesign the hairline that is not happy with the existing hairline or facing receding hairline.

Hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure is performed by taking out the specific hair grafts from the donor area which is most probably the back and sides of the head or other areas like chest, axilla, beard or pubic areas and then transplanting them to the desired bald area. The hair transplant is generally performed by either FUT technique or FUE technique in which there is difference in the harvesting of hair grafts and transplanting is same in both the techniques. The procedure takes around 4 – 9 hours which varies as per the need of the hair grafts to be transplanted, extent of baldness or the technique employed to perform the hair transplant.

Hair transplant cost in India

Briefly talking about the hair transplant cost in India, the cost would vary from 60 K to 400 K which depends on various factors associated with the procedure, patient or the clinic. Any clinic would check the bald area thoroughly looking at the extent of the bald area, need of the count of the hair follicles and availability of the hair follicles and then quote the cost of hair transplant. Each hair graft in Indian clinic would cost you around 30 – 130 INR which vary from clinic to clinic.

Advantages of hair transplant in India?

Hair transplant in India has definitely become very popular but let’s know what is the specialty of Indian clinic which is luring the clients from all across the globe.

  1. Advanced hair transplant: There are few hair transplant clinics in India like Medispa hair transplant clinic which prefers the advanced hair transplant. The advanced version of hair transplant is very improved and provide high density hair transplant with absolute natural looking results.
  2. Incredible hair transplant results: Few Indian clinics can be trusted for incredible hair transplant as the facilities would surely be at par the level of international clinics. The armamentarium these clinics are using are of high quality UK and USA based. The hygiene level maintained by these clinics is appreciable. Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the best clinics across the nation serving the patients with international level of facilities and has served more than 5000 hair transplants successfully.
  3. Treatment under experienced surgeons: India these days has high patient footfall from all across the world. There are few very experienced surgeons across the nation serving more than hundred patients every year. Dr Suneet Soni is among the hugely experienced surgeons who have performed more than 5000 hair transplants with impeccable outcomes.
  4. Cost effective hair transplant: In western world, the hair transplant procedure is very expensive and unlike other medical procedures cosmetic surgeries are not insured and one has to pay the complete amount which is very high. So as an alternate destination India has been largely chose by uncountable numbers of hair loss sufferers since decades. In India, hair transplant is not just affordable but the quality is excellent too.
  5. Comfortable hair transplant: Indians are very welcoming and it is known to all which gives a sense of comfort to the one planning to visit the country. Few Indian clinics are really best at providing a comfortable hair transplant where the whole team works it unison to support the patients having a blissful journey of hair transplant. Moreover, you would be provided with a stay too with all possible amenities.