Parts such as polyethylene rod holders are often superior to parts made from other materials. You can get UHMW parts in many sizes and shapes. An ideal company creates them with quality, precision, and consistency. One of the advantages of UHMW rods and other pieces is that companies can make them with a high customization level.

About UHMW Parts

The good manufacturing process ensures the products are precise, allowing for superior results. That might include customization of the production process. Some companies use CAD software to engineer each part to the customer’s specifications.

Accuracy is another component of a quality part. Companies producing UHMW sheet parts often control the essential dimensions to a fraction of a millimetre. Precise quality control is one aspect of accuracy. Companies must ensure they are checking the material and process to see that it meets their accuracy standards.

With a high level of accuracy, a company ensures that each product stays consistent, meeting the client’s demands. That way, the client can have peace of mind that the products are the same as others received in the past.

What Are the Advantages of UHMW Polyethylene Over Other Materials?

Many companies like the fact that UHMW parts are more durable than other materials. It has a lower friction coefficient and a higher durometer. That means the parts often last longer. While the pieces are not brittle, they are still more rigid. That keeps the rods’ surfaces cleaner during operation. That is especially true of smooth rods.

UHMW parts are often better when you want a specialty shape. A company uses a rectangular, solid block to machine polyethylene. That way, you do not have to pay for mould or tooling costs upfront, even if you have a smaller run made.

Finally, the parts can resist chemicals and certain kinds of weather. That makes them ideal for harsh environments. They are useful in environments where there is much oxygen, ozone, sunlight, or other natural conditions. With different types of materials, those conditions could cause issues, such as corrosion. Polyethylene also resists harsh substances, such as gasoline, solvents, grease, and oil. They are also useful in harsh industrial environments.

Choose the Best Customized UHMW Polyethylene

The engineering team at the right manufacturing company will work with you to create long-lasting parts for the project. Johnston Industrial Plastics, Limited is happy to help you choose a suitable material for the job. We are delighted to offer a quote. Spending a little more now might save you money in the long run. Feel free to give us a call to talk about your product’s application. We can help you create parts that meet the specifications of the job.