Do you use your iPhone or another smart device to access your SBCGlobal login account? Is it working flawlessly if yes? We’ve been getting complaints from iPhone customers who want to cancel their accounts permanently but don’t know-how.

SBCGlobal email is a type of email service that has been available for over a decade. The remarkable and splendid capabilities provided inside this email service are usually used by people in the United States. You can send any attachment up to 5 MB in size if you want to share it.

However, they want to deactivate the account from their iPhone owing to some reason or difficulty with the SBCGlobal email. They have no idea why this choice was made, but they are eager to learn the next steps.

Users who want to delete their email from their iPhone should be aware that the account settings, username, and the content will be permanently deleted from the phone and server. As a result, before you delete the account, you should make a backup of any vital files. After that, proceed with the instructions outlined below.

The methods are the same for all iPhone OS versions and will work on any device model. If you have any difficulties putting the steps into action, you can contact the email specialists that are available online.

  • Use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone’s home screen.
  • Select ‘SBCGlobal‘ from the email account section of ‘Settings.’
  • A list of accounts will be displayed; select the account that is causing a problem.
  • Before deleting the username and password, double-check them. If you have maintained more than one SBCGlobal email login address. This is a crucial stage for you to comprehend.
  • To delete the account, tap the ‘Delete‘ button. It will take a few moments before you see a ‘Success’ message on the screen. If prompted, confirm the removal action by clicking ‘Yes.’
  • After completing step 5, you will no longer be able to access your account via your phone.

This is the procedure for deleting the account on the iPhone. If you have an iPhone 5, 7, 8, or you may follow the same instructions without difficulty.


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