Age spots are generally considered flat, brown, or dark spots on the skin.

They are more likely to be seen in adults who are more than 40.

They are not as harmful as they seem, still, people want to get rid of them due to cosmetic reasons.

Other considerable names for age spots can be solar lentigines or liver spots.

However, it is nowhere related to the liver.

As soon as you hit a certain age, you might get to see these spots getting quite visible more gradually.



However, it is not that tough to get rid of these spots.

Some people opt for relying on foods that prevent wrinkles or dark spots.

On the other hand, some like to go for supplements.

Moving in further, let’s get to know about what causes dark spots on the face.

What Causes Age Spots on Face?

There can be several reasons why your face is having age spots!

However, the general reason behind it is the overproduction of Melanin.

For your information, melanin pigment is responsible for providing color to the skin.

The process of the excess production of Melanin is also known as Hyperpigmentation.

This can be a major reason behind what causes dark spots on your face.

However, several other reasons might cause you dark spots.

Listed below are a few of them.

#1. Exposure To UV Rays

No matter whether you get it from sunlight or any other source, more than enough exposure to UV rays can be harmful.

The Tanned skin that you get as sunspots on face after being in sun for a long time is more likely to convert into age spots.

The hyperpigmentation that we earlier discussed can be caused by excess exposure to the sun ultimately resulting in dark spots.

Furthermore, if you are out without applying sunscreen, then you are at a higher risk of facing dark spots.

#2. Medications

If you are on a certain kind of medication, the probability of having skin issues such as dark spots intensifies.

As per some experts and studies, there is some sort of medicines that actively play a major role in causing raised age spots.

Some of them including Estrogens, such as Vagifem, Climara, and Estrace.

#3. Skin Conditions

There is different sort of skin conditions as well that might be a cause to your intensified dark spots.

For instance, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma is a kind of condition in which discoloration of skin takes place.

In some cases, several skin issues are considered to be responsible for the age spots.

#4. Hormones

Hormones play a major role in leaving dark spots on your face.

When your body goes through frequent hormonal changes, you become more prone to facing these spots on your face.


It is more likely to happen to pregnant women because of the frequently fluctuating hormonal level.

So, this was all about the different reasons for what causes age spots. However, with every problem, there is a definite solution.

Let’s move forward to know about some active age spots removal techniques.

Few Ways To Minimize The Effects Of Age Spots

How to prevent wrinkles?
This is the most obvious query that tickles your mind if you’re in your 30s or 40s.

There are some legit techniques and ways that help prevent the aging effects or dark spots on your face.

Listed below are a few of them.

#1. Protect Yourself From Sunlight

If you want your dark spots to fade away, make sure you are not in direct exposure to light.

As a protection, you need to apply a higher SPF sunscreen before stepping out.

Although, if you do not want to apply creams, you can also use some kind of clothing to drape your face and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

#2. Use Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is generally taken from fermented rice or mushrooms.

They are an active ingredient that you would mostly find in skin-lightening cream.

The major work of kojic Acid is suppressing the harmful effects of pigment cells along with lightening the skin.

#3. Laser Treatment

If none of the mentioned treatments work for you and it’s getting hard to get rid of the spots, you can go for this.

Since Laser Treatment is the most expensive as well as the best treatment for brown spots on the face, it will give you good and satisfactory results.

The focused beam of light targets the harmful pigments and eliminates them. You will surely get rid of your dark spots this way.

So, this was all about the major ways or treatments that you can opt for combating age spots from your face.


In this particular blog, we got to grab so many ideas related to Age spots or Dark Spots.

Age spots can appear early in your life if not take care of.

Moreover, you can prevent early aging of your skin or your skin from brown spots by applying the ways discussed above.

Until now, you must have got a clear answer on how to prevent wrinkles or dark spots from your face.

Along with that, we also let you know about some of the legit ways to get rid of it.

Hope you found this article helpful and informative.