Balding threatens the confidence and self-esteem of many people. Once you notice increased hair shedding and thinning hairline, you develop increased self-consciousness. You start thinking about how other people are seeing you. Some people research what causes baldness.
There are some preventable causes of balding. However, you can always reverse hair loss. But when you cannot reverse. You can use other advanced hair restoration methods.

What Causes Baldness?

There are several types of hair loss. Thus, it’s hard to tell what causes hair loss. However, all the reasons for hair loss lead to a single factor. They affect the hair follicles, make the hair thinning, and eventually, the hair falls. In most cases, the follicle will grow dormant.
Some of the reasons to have dormant follicles are genetics. People who are in a family that experiences hair loss are predisposed to premature hair loss. You can lose your hair in your teens and early 20s.

Some health conditions can lead to hair loss- some directly and others through medication. Cancer is the widely known cause of hair loss due to chemo sessions. However, these types of hair loss reverse once you heal or stop the medication.
Thyroid problems are the main reasons for hair loss. Thyroid glands produce the hormone that aids in hair growth. When the thyroid gets a disorder, it can overproduce or underproduce the hormone. In case of underproduction, you’ll experience excessive hair loss and eventually develop baldness.

Several life stresses can lead to hair loss. They are a result of using a lot of energy and nutrients overthinking. You may indulge in poor eating habits due to stress. In the process, you deny your hair and follicles enough nutrients for growth and health.
Other causes of balding are puberty, pregnancy, aging, menopause, iron deficiency, trauma, etc.

Signs of Baldness

You can notice balding at early stages. The signs can help you trace what causes baldness. The first sign of balding is excessive hair shedding. You’ll start seeing many hair strands on your comb or hairbrush. If you observe some of the strands, you’ll see they come out from the root.
Men will start noticing hair thinning at the top of their heads. They’ll also experience a receding hairline. Women will notice wider parting when they wear parted hairstyles.

Baldness Prevention

There are several ways you can prevent balding. The first step to bald prevention is a balanced diet. It ensures you have enough nutrients to support hair growth. Eat foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamins, magnesium, and omega fatty acids. Also, ensure your diet is rich in proteins.
Avoid hot showers as they strip your scalp of natural oils. It leaves the scalp dry and scaly. It exposes the scalp to infections. Also, the hair t strands weaken. Instead, you should wash your hair with warm water.

Women should avoid tight hairstyles. Tension on the hairline causes the hairline to retreat. If they are your usual hairstyles, you will lose a significant amount of hair on the edges. It can lead to permanent baldness along the edges.
If you are under chemo sessions, you should use a cooling cap. Although it doesn’t stop hair loss, it slows down the rate of loss. Also, you can switch medication to other types that do not have hair loss as a side effect.

Available Treatments for Baldness

Fortunately, there are several ways you can curb balding. Below are some of the methods you can use.

Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is a permanent hair loss remedy. It involves getting healthy hair follicles from a follicle-rich area and transplanting them on a bald spot. The process is short and minimally invasive. All patients go through the surgery in the doctor’s office; There are manual and robotic ways of having hair surgery. Both methods are safe and yield satisfactory results.

PRP Hair Treatment

When you don’t want to go through hair surgery, you can opt for the available non-surgical balding treatment methods. PRP for hair loss is a great way to regrow your hair. The doctor prepares platelet-rich plasma from your blood. Then they inject the serum on your scalp. The PRP has proteins that help rebuild scalp and follicle cells. They can revive dormant follicles. You will witness amazing results after a few sessions of PRP injections.

Topical Applications

There are several topical hair loss treatments. They are the most popular hair loss remedies. First, you can use Minoxidil foam. You can get a three months package to stop the hair loss. Also, you can use shampoos and essential oils. Some patients prepare DIY hair treatments using natural ingredients.

Hair Growth Pills

Finasteride is a common hair regrowth pill. Patients have reported success from using the pills. However, it’s not the only oral medication for hair loss. You can get biotin and keratin supplements from local pharmacies.

Laser Comb

Lacer is another method to regrow hair. However, you don’t need a doctor’s appointment to get the therapy. Get yourself a laser comb to use for your hair regrowth. Doctors recommend the use of the laser comb at least three times a week.


Once you know what causes baldness, you can use the appropriate hair loss treatment method. The several options available will help you regain your hairline and your youthfulness. However, you can prevent balding if you use the tips above.