It is a common perception that increased investments tend to formulate success for an organisation. However, it is an unacceptable perception, whereas the backbone of a company is its marketing department. How well can you sell a product and generate maximum profits? All depends on how presentable, and attractive the marketing campaigns and strategies are. The concept of marketing exists since the early commercial times, yet it has enhanced and improved significantly as time passed.


It is true that without marketing, we wouldn’t have been aware of Apple’s upcoming devices or knowing about the significance of Artificial Intelligence in our lives. Through various researches, it has been reported that the initial capital investment of an organisation is even less than the overall spending for its marketing initiatives.


Does Marketing Happen on its own?

A business able to sell its products sufficiently and throughout the world, meeting the critical needs of a specific customer group, becomes a marketing aspect. There are different examples when a brand is considered being the main highlight of a whole product. For instance, the early manufacturers of fruit juices were considered a brand. Despite the presence of various companies, there was a peak time when customers used to call out the name of a specific brand to have a tetra pack fruit juice, regardless of the brand being presented to them.


This too had been possible with critical marketing, whereas some of the common approaches to effective marketing can be outlined as follows:

  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Personal Selling

The list is vast and compelling to every approach would indeed have your bank balances nullified at the end. These elements play a critical role in spreading the right awareness and generating favourable attraction for potential customer groups.


Apply Inc., one of the dearest companies in the tech world for each of us has been emphasising its branding approach, whereas none of its outlets or products, has the word “Apple” written. The company relies on one “bitten apple” logo, which has been sufficiently compelling and enough to lead the organisation towards its desired success and profitability limits.


On the other hand, Coca Cola has been focussing on collecting new ideas from the general surrounding and summing them all together in their advertisements which portray a positive image of the company and makes it possible to enhance sales positively.


You Would Want to Know Some of the Hot Marketing Tips and Trends of 2020!

Technology and its advancements have benefited every one of us. Some have helped with technology contribute to efficiency, whereas others tend to rely on it for being creative and innovative in the practical environment. Similarly, the context of marketing has been affected by technical advancements as well. Technology has emerged new opportunities for the marketing sector, and it has been adapted extensively all over the world.


Earlier, thinking about investing in marketing was indeed not a prompt decision. It required arrangement for sufficient funds which were higher than the initial investment. Furthermore, searching for an appropriate marketer was another hurdle that had to be surpassed to successfully achieve the final targets. However, as social media arrived and things started improving, some of the frequently-used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube allowed individuals and groups to establish their commercial profiles and start advertising their products. This was an initiative that was much affordable, comparatively with traditional marketing approaches and was vividly welcomed worldwide.


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Today, a majority of sellers tend to rely on online marketing approaches. YouTube videos are filled with short advertisements that can be annoying for everyone, but it is doing what it had been intended for. Designing web-based advertisement content is much simple and easy and requires comparatively less experience.


Have you ever heard of the concept of optimisation? It is common in the realistic environment aiming to achieve efficient results regarding a particular activity being concerned. However, optimisation has made its way within the context of web content as well, and it is considered another emerging approach to marketing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a growing trend which modern organisations adopt so that their product or service offerings occur at the top when a particular customer searches for related articles. Experts of SEO are easily found within modern technology, and their services can be rented for a minimal amount.


What are we required to Do Now?

Different marketing trends are growing at a faster pace. Hence, it is essential to understand that a practical institution should have the capability and capacity to acknowledge the changes frequently and apply them within their marketing incentives. Taking active assistance from the internet sources or gaining formal education regarding modern marketing management techniques is indeed a practical approach, and it should be encouraged. Traditional marketing techniques have nearly diminished from the current era. It is now the time of technical advancements to prevail in a wide range of disciplines and improve the overall approach towards ultimate success.