Keeping your workspace clean and organized should be your number one priority regardless of the nature of business. It does not matter if it is a small business, large corporation, office building, retail store, or warehouse.  The condition of your workspace affects your employee’s performance and how people react to your organization, ultimately impacting your bottom line.  People will have second thoughts on doing business with a company that cannot keep its own space in good condition.

While some companies employ an in-house cleaning crew, some others hire third-party office Janitorial Services Companies. These janitorial companies make sure of everyday cleaning responsibilities and keep the workspace clean and well-maintained.  The requirements vary among the companies depending on their size and nature of business. Some call for daily cleaning, while some others may schedule for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

Comprehensive cleaning services:

The janitorial cleaning companies have trained professionals who use cleaning and sanitizing products to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and maintain clean and hygienic environments.

These services typically include the following:

Cleaning of pantry, kitchen, and employee breakroom

Toilets and restrooms

Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors

Carpet dusting and vacuuming

Emptying trash cans.

The janitors will replace the towels, soaps, and paper napkins; although the clients must supply the items.

There are several benefits for an organization if they engage office janitorial services.


Efficiency:  It saves you money. Maintaining an in-house cleaning unit will be more expensive than outsourced teams. It happens due to hidden costs, such as maintaining equipment and managing employee payrolls, perks, medical expenses, and absenteeism.

Trained: They know what they are doing. The janitorial cleaning companies train their employees to ensure top-quality services. They teach them how to use the disinfectants and the right mix. And together, as a team of professionally trained staff, they will deliver better results for your facility.

No involvement: Outsourcing the janitorial service will alleviate the amount of participation of your HR team. If the janitor quits your job, you will be running around hiring, training, and managing a crew on top of your regular job. Leaving the work on a third-party professional service will allow you more time and resources to focus on core tasks.

Support team: If something goes wrong, your employees will start the blame game accusing one another of the lapses. Most janitorial companies have a customer support team to interact immediately in case of any issue.

One-stop solution: With an in-house team, you will be managing only one service, such as janitorial.  If you have some additional service requirement, say plumbing or landscaping, you will have to search for other professionals to do the job. Most of the third-party service providers have separate units handling the other services. If required, you can integrate all your services and write a contract with a single company.

Conclusion: The janitorial cleaning companies will manage the supplies and equipment; so you never have to bother about the stock or worry about running out of supplies.