The right EMR for your pediatric practice can be difficult to find. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best options based on Pediatric EMR reviews. Go through this article to learn more!

About EMR

EMR is a digitized version of the traditional paper patient charts. These tools help to store all of a patient’s information from your practice in one place. This proves to be extremely useful as doctors navigate patient information to provide treatment plans and diagnoses. EMR can be used in general clinics as well as specialized practices. 

The Importance of Pediatric EMR 

Pediatric EMR operates similarly to other kinds of EMR, except it has tools that are specific to the care of young children. The software allows practices to carry out their daily clinical and administrative tasks. Aside from this, having a pediatric EMR makes it easier for practices to organize their work better. 

The clinical staff at a practice can use an EMR for efficient documentation and processing. On the other hand, the billing staff can use the software to make sure the financial status of the practice remains solid. This creates a system that is extremely organized and can efficiently get the work done. 

Features of Pediatric EMR

When reading Pediatric EMR reviews, you will see there is a lot of demand for features that can integrate well and make a practice efficient. These are some of the top features of any comprehensive EMR. 

With a good EMR on your side, you can make sure your patients are happy, healthy, and well engaged. You can also manage the revenue cycle at tour practice using tools to ensure your claims are processed. This increases the likelihood of claims getting accepted and reduces errors when processing claims. Here are some other notable features:

Adapts to Your Workflow

Your EMR should be able to fit into the workflow requirements of your practice. This means you will be able to handle a high volume of patients in a short time. You should also be able to continue to work the way you like. The work you do is concerned with young children, so your software should reflect the sensitivity of that aspect. 

Gives You Alerts About Medication

The demographic you work with requires an extra level of care. There is an added layer of sensitivity to medications. Therefore, the software you use needs to be able to note interactions or warnings regarding medications you prescribe. 

Manages Preventative Care

A pillar of pediatric care is that it is preventative in nature. This means monitoring the wellness of your patients with routine visits and checks. A versatile EMR will allow you to make forms that can help you track this side of things. You can also include forms that keep track of patient welfare in school and camp settings. 

Creates Dynamic Notes

The notes you make during the visit should be able to cover the range of complaints you receive at a pediatric clinic. This can include the flu, pains, ear infections, viral infections, appendicitis, and more. 

Administer Vaccines Safely

As someone working in a pediatric setting, it can be a huge tool to have something to regulate the vaccines you administer. This is a feature mentioned often by pediatric EMR reviews. You should be able to also combine this with messaging features that give your patients reminders about upcoming immunizations. 

Top Software According to Pediatric EMR Reviews

Here are some of the best in medical software, according to feedback collected from Pediatric EMR reviews.

athenahealth EMR

First up on our list of top pediatric EMR is athenahealth. This is software that has garnered a name for itself based on its versatility and customizability. The athenahealth EMR is part of a suite of solutions. The suite also includes practice management and RCM solutions. 

eClinicalWorks EMR

If we want to talk about what software has top pediatric EMR reviews, we can’t skip eClinicalWorks. This is an integrated solution that allows practitioners to use innovative ideas in their practices. You can convert data to your EHR for free and have your staff trained in no time. 

Cerner EMR

Cerner EMR is a software that offers solutions in the form of modules. This includes the ambulatory EMR, the CareTracker system, and Cerner Millennium software. The software is certified for meaningful use and offers features like e-prescription and clinical administration. 

You can use the Cerner EMR to carry out documentation, and the software is able to adapt to the needs of your specialty practice. 

Amazing Charts EMR

Amazing Charts is a software solution that has been available since 2001. It has a system that quickly adapts to most specialty areas. The software is easy to use and pediatric EMR reviews also state that it is affordable.

You can add on a couple of features, like a dynamic patient portal and the ability to manage vaccination administration. It also offers practices the chance to join a network that will allow them to expand on their services. 

Greenway Health EMR

Greenway Health is an EMR suite that is built to cater to the needs of your practice using healthcare technology. The software provides practices with tools that ensure growth and profitability without sacrificing the needs of the patient.

The software allows practices to screen for their financial health and creates plans for growth in the future. The suite includes both electronic health record management and practice management in one place. 

What Pediatric EMR Software Should I Choose?

All the medical software mentioned in the list above has excellent Pediatric EMR reviews. However, your final choice can be affected by a number of different factors. A good way to see if the software is right for you is by requesting pediatric EMR pricing. Lastly, you can also try out the pediatric EMR demo for each software.