A Detailed Guide On How To Roll The Best Cross Joint

There are many questions people ask when they just start smoking cannabis. One common one is, “what can I use as a rolling paper?” This is an important question because without finding the proper rolling papers, you won’t have the proper joint. Another thing that cannabis users like doing from time to time is to smoke a cross joint. A cross joint is basically just two joints that are burning at all three of the ends. If you’ve never had the chance to smoke a joint like this before, then it is time that you learned how to roll one of these things. Following a step-by-step guide is the best way to learn how to make one (weed dispensary Aurora).

What Is A Cross Joint?

A cross joint is just a joint that is shaped like a cross. When you first take a look at one, they seem like they would be hard to roll, but they are pretty straightforward. They are just a longer joint that contains a tiny joint that will cross through the longer one at a 90-degree angle. When you are ready to smoke it, you will light up the three ends of the joint and then breathe in through the bottom of it. A lot of cannabis connoisseurs are impressed by these when they see them.

Things You’ll Need To Roll A Cross Joint

If you want to roll the best cross joint, then there are some things that you’ll require:

  • A good strain of cannabis
  • A few larger sized rolling papers
  • A tiny rolling paper
  • Pin, needle, or some wire
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard or roach paper

Here Are The Six Steps To Craft The Joint

Step 1: Roll a large sized joint

Use the large-sized rolling paper and make it pretty thick. It needs to be thick because you’ll be putting a hole through it, and the other joint will be going through this hole. As you learn the process and get better at it, you’ll be able to make the joint thinner, but if it’s your first time, make a thick one. As you’re rolling the joint, you have to ensure that you won’t use all of your cannabis. 2/3 of it is a good amount to use for this initial step. If you want to use a roach, you can do that too, because it might be able to help the overall stability of the joint, but it isn’t required. 

Step 2: Roll the smaller and slimmer joint

Now you’ll want to roll the smaller joint with the smaller rolling papers. You want to make this smaller joint as straight as you possibly can. Doing so will only help you out and make the later steps in the process much easier. It will burn more evenly and for this joint, you won’t want to use a roach because it needs to be lit from each end.

Step 3: Make a hole in the smaller joint

Now you need to use something sharp and pop a hole in a side of the tiny joint. Ensure that the hole won’t completely make it through the joint. The purpose of this hole is to provide airflow on each end of the joint.

Step 4: Make a hole through the big joint

After making a hole in the tiny joint, you now need to do the same thing in the large joint. Find your need, or wire and then carefully poke the hole through it so that the tiny joint will fit right through the hole.

Step 5: Slide in the tiny joint through the hole in the large joint

After you have made the hole just the right size, then you need to slide in the small joint. Use a twisting and pushing method to get it through. Ensure that the hole that you made in the tiny joint is at the right location. This will make it easier to fit in the large joint. It also makes sure that there is sufficient airflow getting through the tiny joint.

Step 6: Reinforce the cross joint

You are now nearing the end of the process, but don’t light it up yet. You need to seal the whole thing first. This can be done using another piece of long rolling paper. Cut off the adhesive strip with a pair of scissors, slice the strip in half, and then with each half, carefully wrap them around the cross at in a diagonal position. This will seal up any of the gaps that might be found in the joints. Dampening your fingers and sliding them along the adhesive strip will ensure that it will stay on better. Doing this is the last precaution to make sure that the whole joint will stay airtight and smoke consistently.