When you make a website for your business, you need the help of a developer or web designer. The developer or web designer will be responsible for how the website looks and functions. To build a website, you need to have a database administrator (basically, you need to create a database that will hold the list of images, in which those images become links when they are clicked) and a web hosting provider.

A cPanel is an online Linux-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and web-based hosting and domain management tool for managing a website. A cPanel shared hosting is used as a control panel in order to simplify the website and server management. It also allows users to easily back up files, manage the system, and ensure the security of the website. One can also publish websites, organize files, create email accounts, manage domains, and more.

cPanel/WHM Features 

  1. Easy Usage

cPanel/WHM is a user-friendly interface, making its usage quite simple. The latest version has made the whole process quicker and easier to understand.

  1. Strong Security Features

As cPanel/WHM is managed by a third party, it is protected from attacks and hacks as they offer 24×7 customer service support for resolving problems in real time.

  1. One-Click Installers

One can install third-party scripts directly through the GUI of cPanel/WHM with just a single click. This allows users to install multiple scripts at one time, which makes it easier for them to manage their files and save a lot of time.

  1. Optimized and Scalable

cPanel/WHM is a highly scalable and extensible solution, which allows you to optimize your resources. In terms of website speed, cPanel/WHM is quite faster than Plesk and DirectAdmin.

  1. Backups

Web hosting services usually offer backup options for websites hosted on them, but, in order to be able to successfully restore files from a site if it has been hacked or something has been deleted from it.

cPanel Benefits

  1. Scalability: cPanel offers scalability, which makes it easy to manage your server. It also allows you to easily install or uninstall various scripts on your website.
  2. Easy-to-Use Interface

As mentioned earlier, the GUI of cPanel is really easy to understand and use. No prior knowledge of web development is needed in order to use it efficiently and effectively.

  1. Remote Web Hosting

cPanel shared hosting also offers a remote hosting option, which allows you to host websites from anywhere or any device with an Internet connection without having to worry about the physical location of the server itself.

  1. Compatibility: cPanel is compatible with almost all browsers such as Google, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. It is also compatible with third-party applications and add-ons which further extends the functionality of the website.
  2. Extensibility: It has a comprehensive API, which allows users to extend the functionality of cPanel. New modules and add-ons can be developed for managing emails, domain names, websites, databases, etc.

Why is cPanel Is the Best Solution for Website Designers?

For a web designer, the main priority is to present his client’s website in an effective manner. The client will want his visitors to be able to browse through the website without any hiccups or bugs. In order to achieve this, all one has to do is install a cPanel package on a server. The reason why this is such an easy task for web designers is because of the fact that cPanel itself comes with pre-loaded tools and modules for CMSs like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and many more.


These tools allow users to interact with their websites in the easiest way possible. These modules can be installed and loaded in less time than it would take to install a CMS on a server. You might as well be able to install these tools without the need for any help from the developer. This is because cPanel places all of its functions and tools in the same place, which makes them easy to manage and accessible for all users.

The only thing that one has to do is configure the web hosting service offered by the hosting provider, as cPanel comes pre-installed with everything needed for managing websites. It also offers a unique module, called WHM Remote Access tool, which allows users to manage their sites remotely through an app, e-mail or desktop interface.

cPanel is the most preferred hosting platform for web designers since it provides a simple interface, advanced security features, and easy installation/availability of modules and tools. It’s the easiest way to create websites: you don’t need to learn how to install CMSs or use special scripts. You can do everything through cPanel.

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