What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a strain of weed that has been around for a while now, and it’s been tested time and time again. It’s been proven to be safe, not only by the thousands of people who use it but by scientists as well. This is because the formulator spent years perfecting the blend of herbs that this strain is made from.

Delta 8 is another form of THC found in marijuana. Legal, it is known to cause fewer side effects for patients seeking medical relief. Plain packets are easily found where marijuana can be prescribed, so you know exactly what you are taking depending on your needs.

Delta 8 THC is an alternative to traditional pain pills. It has similar effects to marijuana, causing a subtle reaction versus the potent reaction caused by delta 9. Delta 8 marijuana is legal, and provides relief for arthritis, muscle tension, headaches, etc. We also carry cartridges that are filled with delta 8 oil for use in vaporizers; they dissolve on your tongue or can be added to food.

What is Delta 8 Flower?

If you’ve never tried the original, you’ll love delta 8 flower. This strain of cannabis is legal for medicinal use in more states than CBD flower. This means it’s easier to get than CBD flowers. Even though it’s gotten easier to buy thanks to the growing legalization movement, that doesn’t mean that CBD flowers aren’t just as delicious. All our CBD topicals use CBD derived from hemp just like our delta 8 flowers.

Welcome to every day, elevated. With quality you know and trust from Delta 8, our hemp flower is the perfect way to medicate. Whether you use it or choose from one of our potent new topicals, each product is formulated to relieve pain and connect you to yourself in a whole new way.

Delta 8 flower is carefully hand-picked, hand-trimmed cannabis plants that are then infused with our delta 8 THC distillate. Carefully crafted in small batches to ensure only the highest quality and safety is delivered to you and your loved ones.

How to Smoke Delta 8 Flower

There’s a lot of different ways to smoke delta 8 flowers, and that makes sense. There are a ton of different strains out there with varying cannabinoid percentages. Not only that, but the effects of each strain can differ depending on how you consume it.


 Delta 8 cannabis flower and pre-rolls are formulated for users who prefer a lighter, brighter high. Each product in the Delta 8 range uses our 1:1 THC to CBD Sativa/Indica, Hawaiian Haze strain.


There are many ways to enjoy your legal herb. You can roll it up with some legal paper and burn it down or you can lick it and bite it or even smoke it! While we definitely approve of the last two options at Delta 8 Edibles.

What is CBD Flower

CBD flower is a new type of hemp with big impact. Our organic hemp strains are rich in cannabinoid content, including CBD (cannabidiol), which has been shown to be effective in treating seizures, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, nausea, chronic pain, and more. Unlike other CBD companies that just mix CBD into their flower or oil base, we put together our strain selection with the effects of CBD flower in mind. 

We combine the healing effects of CBD with the natural healing powers of Mother Nature. Our flowers are then carefully and expertly cured and crafted into a blend of premium flowers that offers potent effects.

How to Smoke CBD Flower

The process of smoking delta8 flowers changes the taste, potency, and beneficial compounds present in hemp CBD flowers. Smoking can be harmful to your health and addiction just like any other drug. Try vaporizing, heating the flower to low temperatures, or ingesting CBD supplements instead.

Delta8 THC is known for its capacity to relieve anxiety and stress, as well as help relieve pain. There are several ways to take advantage of the effects of delta8 cannabis. With flowers, you can smoke it or dab it, or choose edibles, tinctures, concentrates, scrubs, capsules, and wax tarts. Here are some tips to help you cultivate your herbal medicine so you can benefit from all this herb has to offer.