Whether it is personal or business life, videos have pivotal role for popularity. If you are buying Instagram accounts for personal accounts, then videos can populate. While if you will use Instagram accounts for your business life, then videos can promote your business. Because videos are complete and trusted way for real communication. However, other ways of communication could be failed, but when videos comes, then no one can ignore the importance of videos.

For users’ facility, Instagram has introduced the feature of IGTV. This feature is very important when you want to promote your business through videos.

What is IGTV?

Instagram was an app through that you can share your pictures on your Instagram account. While after few years, the feature of direct message was introduced and through this feature, people can contact with each other in private chat room as well as in groups. However, after introducing direct messages, it was need of time to share videos because all other social apps those were competitors of Instagram are offering videos. However, in this regard, Instagram introduce the feature of videos and the duration of these videos are only 15 seconds. While it was look too short time and this time was considered very low. So Instagram has increased this time up to 1 minute. But, as time passed and other social apps increased their video time. So Instagram increase it to 10 minutes and now you can send more than 1 hour videos to someone.

Instagram has introduced this feature on Android as well as IOS device. IGTV is better and more effective rather than Instagram stories. Because in Instagram stories, you can post short videos, while through IGTV, you can post long term videos. Instagram IGTV is vertical shape video sharing platform and Instagram offers this platform in lot of languages. Initially it was only in English language, but now you can use this platform in more than 30 languages. However, this amazing feature of Gmail was introduced by Instagram creator Kevin Systerm in 20 June 2018.

Service of IGTV

If you want to use this platform of Instagram, then for using it, you should need to have an Instagram account. Because it will be login through the use of Instagram account. The main difference of using Instagram best feature IGTV is that the video durations are different for mobile and desktop user. Because mobile users can upload only 15 minutes long term videos through IGTV, while when you will use computers for it, then you can upload to 1-hour long video. The length size of IGTV for mobile devices is only 650 MB, while when you will use computer, then you are allowed to use full-size length up to 3.6 GB. If you want to post multiple videos through IGTV, then these videos will be played one by one, however, it depends on host to play any videos according to own choice.

At the time of creation this feature, these videos were allowd to post in Portland shape while in May 2019, this position will be change in both Portland and landscape.

It is important to note here that the size of IGTV is different on different devices. For example, if you want to use this app on IOS device then the size of IGTV will be only 140 MB, while it will be 30 MB length when you will use this feature on Android device. Read more about Disney Plus Hotstar for PC

However, this feature is very useful for all devices whether it is Android, IOS as well as computer or laptop.

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