Lithium-ion batteries are an advanced technology in this technology the lithium ions used as a primary component of electrochemistry. The use of Lithium-ion Batteries growing rapidly. These batteries have various advantages thus, their use is increasing significantly.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries

  • High Energy Density: High energy density is one of the distinct advantages of lithium ion battery technology. Electronic products such as mobile phones require long operations between charges while consuming more power, thus they require batteries with higher energy density. Apart from that, electric vehicles also require a lithium ion technology that has a higher energy density.


  • Self-discharge: Most of the batteries such as Ni-Cad and NiMH relatively have a higher self-discharge rate than the lithium-ion. The lithium-ion has typically a low rate of self-discharge. It is typically approx 55 in the first four hours after being charged but then falls around 1 or 2 % per month.


  • Low maintenance: One of the major advantages of lithium-ion batteries is that they require low negligible maintenance costs. Likewise the lead cells and Ni-Cad cell, these batteries don’t require any active periodic maintenance to ensure their performance.


  • Cell voltage: With lithium-ion batteries the greatest advantage that they require about 3.6 volts. The alkaline cells require approx 1.5 volts, lead-acid around 2 volts per cell, but in the lithium-ion cell, the voltage is higher thus, requiring fewer cells in many battery applications. In the smartphone, a single cell is needed which simplifies power management.


  • Load characteristics: The biggest advantage of lithium-ion batteries are reasonably good. These batteries provide a reasonable constant of 3.6 volts per cell before the last charge is used.


  • Variety of types available: The customers can avail a wide range of lithium cells as a range of lithium batteries is available. With this advantage, you can use the right lithium battery with the right application.