• Have you been obsessed with your man yet?
  • In other words, he is driven by an obsession that makes him do these things.
  • It’s all he wants to do is grab onto you and keep doing you forever.
  • He wants to show you off to his friends and steal you from your girlfriends.
  • You would be the only one controlling his mind at all times.
  • If he does all your chores, you can spend time with him without worrying about the chores.
  • If you are with a large group of people, you can see him trying to keep his hands off you.
  • You would be so desperate for his attention all the time.
  • You would cancel his guys’ day out plans so that he could stay with you

In a relationship, obsession is super powerful (but the right kind). Almost everyone loves it when a man is completely enthralled with your existence.

Have you ever wondered what the secret is?

You will never be able to get your man to think of getting intimate with anyone other than you once you satisfy and please him in bed in the most ultimate way. We will reveal in this article how to deeply influence your man’s sensual senses and sexually please him in a way that can’t be matched.

What are some ways to make your husband happy in bed?

One of the top googled questions nowadays is how to arouse your man in bed, how to satisfy your man in bed, or how to follow his lead. We tend to forget that men have personalities outside of the bedroom as well, that deserves to be surprised and pleased in the same way!

For your man to feel desirable, you must be secluded from people or in his bedroom. Dress in something different from usual and make sure he knows you made an effort for him. Make sure you make that effort for “him”. Immediately he will feel more manly than ever before. Definitely more attractive than before.

You don’t have to wear anything revealing. Follow fashion bloggers’ advice in articles and videos, and put on something trendy. Would skinny jeans and boots work? Could you pair a cute skater dress with a denim jacket? You know the list goes on…

There are many ways you can flirt with your man, regardless of whether you go to a party with him or out with friends. Families in India always eat together, so when that happens, that’s your cue to impress him. A simple question such as “guess what I’m wearing inside” can get him off the hook instantly. Use technology if none of these options work for your situation. Send the dirtiest text you can. Make sure his phone is near when you send the message. That will make him mad immediately.

How can you make your man desire you more?

It’s all about resisting your man’s desire. A particular thing makes you desire it more when you are forbidden it. That’s how human nature works. The love we feel for our man can make us forget he is also a human being and we throw ourselves on him.

Step back girl if you are following the same approach!

Is it possible to keep your man interested all the time?

You should offer him a variety of choices. You should always be on the lookout for-

  • Ideas for creative dates
  • The new sex positions
  • A thoughtful gift
  • Different patterns of market Sexy lingeries
  • If you are both into sex toys, check out these new ones on the market.
  • A new condom and lubricant variant
  • A new couple game
  • In towns, new restaurants are opening

Keep suggesting new ideas for you both to try. He will be blown away by your creative skills and his interest in you will grow exponentially. You can surprise him by throwing one of these directly at him if it has not been discussed. Consequently, he will know what else you have planned for him and will think of you as well as retain his interest in you forever.

Suddenly, out of nowhere –

Grab his privates and leave or

Give him a passionate kiss for just a few seconds

Look into his eyes with pure lust as you push him up against the wall

Take his hand, if you’re just chatting casually, and gently guide it toward your inner thighs. Make sure you don’t let him stay too long.

Before 30 seconds expire, retrieve yourself

I say leave him hanging there, drowning in lust and nothing else

To satisfy a man in bed completely takes more than sex. Once you know what men like in bed, it becomes easy to please them. You need to learn what men love, sooner rather than later. He will be satisfied when you satisfy him completely in bed. Many ways are available to women to make sure that they keep their men happy and satisfied. Some moves really drive men crazy. We will talk about how to please a man in bed in this article, and how you can keep him remembering how he was pleased over and over.

These ideas can help you please a man in bed, giving him a sex experience he’s never had before –

Using your mouth, blow him away

Men are absolutely smitten with blowjobs, that’s a universal truth. This is one of the only ways he can find sexual satisfaction if you do it right. While most women don’t get it right the first time, it can be learned and practiced.

You might fully work on a penis as part of your quest to give a man the perfect oral experience. The most sensitive part of the penis, that is, the tip, should be the focus of your attention. You can play with your tongue on the tip of the penis.

By using flavored lube, you can make sex more enjoyable. There are a variety of flavors of edible lubricants, such as strawberry, chocolate, mango, and many more.

Take the oral exam and succeed

  • Using your mouth to show love to a man’s penis is the most fulfilling and satisfying experience a man can have in bed.
  • Take a look at his eyes. Make sure to keep looking into his eyes the entire time you’re performing
  • Make sure he knows how much you enjoy his penis
  • Keep his hands off you…Let him whither with pleasure as he keeps his hands off you
  • Keep your mouth very wet
  • Please don’t forget to use your hands
  • Using your hands is just as important as your mouth when blowing
  • Try changing the speed- go fast and then slow down, then observe his reaction so you can determine which one he enjoys more, then repeat with the same speed
  • When you have completed 2-3 sessions, try a different technique
  • Don’t forget about his balls, too

Don’t just get over it, enjoy the intimacy

When learning how to please a man, don’t forget to cherish those moments as well. To satisfy a man in bed, provide him with fun things to do, this will not only satisfy him, but will also make him enjoy those intimate moments.

Set a positive tone in the bedroom and cultivate a positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude toward sex and feeling comfortable with your partner are basic components of being Sex Positive. A positive attitude towards sex is crucial to sexual arousal and satisfaction. Never give up regardless of what lies ahead. You should let him know how much you are looking forward to having sexual relations with him.

Put yourself under his control.

During sex, women say, “I don’t want to do this”, “don’t do that”, etc., which makes men uncomfortable. Because of your rejection, he cannot try something new and that makes him unsatisfied.

Generally, men like to be in charge. It will arouse more of his sexual desires to be submissive on the bed. You should let him drive and experiment with positions that interest him. Power control is important to men, so let them switch the patterns. Allow him to be himself.

Men usually do not speak openly about their sexual fantasies. They will love to test out their fantasies if you are open to talking to them about them. The idea is to surprise him with a sexy costume or what have you.

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