What is the difference between thesis and dissertation writing
What is the difference between thesis and dissertation writing

Every UAE student wants to know the difference between thesis and dissertation writing, after completion of their graduate degree program. These two terms are interchangeable and often confused. Thousands of web pages are available in search engines, but no one gives you a crystal clear idea about thesis and dissertation. 

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These two terms are more confusing and more complex to understand. But don’t worry UAE assignment help will help to  understand the difference between thesis and dissertation writing.

Similarities between thesis and dissertation writing: Thesis and dissertation writing both having similar synonyms and research work. In both cases researchers do research based on authentic sources and references. Your idea and writing should be unique and not published earlier. 

Difference between thesis and dissertation writing: A dissertation writing is a small piece of extensive research while dissertation writing is long and written by a professional. In case of dissertation and thesis both having same synonyms but there is a massive difference between research and thesis writing:

Dissertation Writing Thesis Writing
It is small in size, mainly 30-50 pages It is large in size, mainly 200 pages
It is submitted for master’s degree It is submitted for a doctoral degree. 
UAE students can use pre-existing data with supported arguments. For thesis writing, the topic, and content should be original.
In this no outdoor visit to collect data. This outdoor visit is required to collect data.
Question and survey are not part of dissertation writing. Question and survey are part of thesis writing.
No detail information is required All content must be relevant and in detail.


A dissertation and thesis writing both require sincerity and dedication. These two words require a great ability in writing, deep knowledge, practice and a lot of patience. Creating a good thesis writing is not an easy task, If you feel more difficulty to finish it you can take Thesis help UAE from UAE assignment help at an affordable price. Writing a thesis and dissertation are quite challenging and complicated things. 

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Once you have completed dissertation and thesis writing, UAE students are required to orally present in front of a board of faculty members. A dissertation oral presentation takes several hours. On the other hand, the thesis oral presentation takes an hour to present and give an answer in front of the UAE supervisor.