Knee replacement surgery is the most complex surgery. The surgery requires a good amount of investment for a successful operation. The ordinary knee replacement surgery costs you from $20,000 to $30,000. The cost will also further depend on the place which you opt for your surgery. An excellent orthopedic hospital in Kota can offer you successful surgery at an affordable price. This overall cost is decided based on numerous distinctive determinants, which we will consider further in the article.

Five key determinants that affect the knee replacement surgery cost

Your health security coverage

Before you apply or book your dates for knee replacement surgery in any of the hospitals, make sure to go through your health insurance coverage. To cover your knee replacement surgery in your health insurance, you must get a recommendation from a doctor. Once a doctor is called or recommended, the insurance provider will understand the urgent need for knee replacement surgery for better functioning of your limbs.

Most health insurance service provider includes knee replacements. But some insurance providers cover certain portions or sometimes the whole procedure in the insurance. The significant amounts included are doctors’ appointments before surgery, substantial tests and diagnostic exams, the surgery, and the recovery process. As per the insurance provider’s policy, you will receive insurance for your knee replacement surgery cost. In the case of any query, you can call the insurance company.

The type of knee replacement you need

The knee replacement surgery cost will majorly depend upon the type of knee replacement that you opt for. You will find three major types of surgeries in general that include partial knee replacement, revision knee replacement, and total knee replacement. So, depending upon which type of surgery you are opting for will determine the total cost of the surgery.

Your doctor will be one who will recommend which surgery to opt for depending on your age, bone structure, knee health, and lifestyle. You will observe that the total knee replacement is costlier, but the reality is that the revision or the complex one is the most expensive one. If you opt for partial knee replacement, it would almost cost you 50 percent less than the other types of surgeries. But it is not recommended to opt the partial replacement just to cut the knee replacement surgery cost. Always consult your doctor first and know about the relief that you need.

Your knee replacement surgery ‘classification.’

The next thing that is responsible for the cost of your surgery is the classification of your surgery. The surgeries are majorly classified into two groups, namely, outpatient and inpatient. Outpatient states those patients who stay in hospital for some days or even one day after the surgery. On the other hand, the inpatient patients get discharged directly after a few hours of surgery.

Some patients do not need any assistance after the surgery, so they take early discharge, but in some cases, the patients need help, so they need to get admitted for some days. Now, the longer you stay in the hospital will directly impact your bill for knee replacement surgery.

Where you get your knee replacement surgery

There are two places where you can go for the prosperous fulfillment of your knee replacement surgery. The prime one is the surgery centers, and the secondary one is the hospitals. The surgery centers are the specific places where you can get the surgeries done on the same day. Some of the surgery centers are attached to the hospitals, whereas some of them are autonomous. The second option left with you is the hospital where you need to pay the extra charges for the rooms.

So, if you ultimately observe, then the hospital will charge you more than a surgery center. But you watch closely; in the surgery centers after the surgery, you need to bear the recovery charges. And talking about the best hospitals, you can choose Chanddni hospital in Kota.

Your recovery plan

After the knee replacement surgery is completed, you will look for options for the recovery process. There are different alternatives available for the recovery process. If you choose to stay in the hospital after the surgery, your recovery will go on in the hospital itself by physical therapy. And since the insurance company already provides you with the one-time cost for hospital charges, you do not have to worry about the extra charges.

But if in case you get the surgery done in the surgery center, then after discharge, you need to go to some therapy centers for recovery. Also, your overall cost will depend on how frequently you visit the physical therapy centers.

More inquiries about knee replacement surgery cost? Here’s what you can prepare next.

Knee replacement surgery is a big thing to deal with, so before finalizing it, you need to be sure about the charges and the cost you will bear. Apart from the factors mentioned above, you can also refer to the following ways to get answers to your unsolved queries.

Talk to your Insurance company:

The first thing that you can do to clarify your doubts is by calling your insurance company. They will make your doubts clear regarding the insurance policy. You can learn about all the policies that the company offers along with the terms and conditions.

Talk with Chandni hospital’s Representative:

Before approaching knee replacement surgery, you can call the Representative from the hospital and discuss all the information you require. You can also fix an appointment with the doctor on the call.

Take Away

Therefore, here are all the factors that influence knee replacement surgery cost. You need to go through each of them and confirm the overall cost of the surgery. You can also consult the insurance company and research the affordable surgery cost.

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