A lawyer can help you with a variety of problems. From dealing with the mental capacity act Singapore comes up with, to any property relevant dispute, a lawyer is here to help you out. But what is the concept of a Notary Public Lawyer? Well, this article jots down the various questions, which you are very curious to know, concerning the job role of a Notary Public Lawyer. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get into the topic-

Things That You Need To Know About Notary Public Lawyer :

Well, to begin with, a Notary Public Lawyer must follow all the legislative codes to get appointed as a Notary Public Lawyer by the Board of Commissioner of Oath and Notaries Public. Although this lawyer serves a minimum of 15 yrs before getting appointed as the same, still they bear huge responsibilities to commit to. Though they might not help you with the mental capacity act Singapore has, still there are several other issues to which they can find solutions.

Notaries Public are responsible for acting as impartial authorities, notarise various documents and more. A Notary Public Lawyer is also eligible to authenticate and certify documents by witnessing, which one can use in foreign departments as well.

But what is the actual need? Well, there is a crucial need for a Notary Public Lawyer when an individual owns an asset in a foreign land and gets involved with issues that need executions of documents, in Singapore. In addition, there might be a need for notarization when an individual gets involved in international litigations. Lets us now take a close look at the options of services Notary Public Lawyer has to offer-

Notary Public Lawyer  And Their Services

To start with-

  • Normal notarization of papers and important documents.
  • Certifying copies, validating whether it is legit or not.
  • Protesting the bill of exchange.
  • Entering a ship’s protest.
  • A Notary Public Lawyer is also eligible in attesting and executing essential documents, for instance, contracts, power of attorney, deeds and documents as such.
  • Lastly, a Notary Public Lawyer also offers service to administer any oath or affirmation.

More In This Regard To Talk

As mentioned in the earlier part, Notary Public Lawer has the power to legalise any foreign affair concerning Singapore. But in the recent events, the document which is likely to be used in the foreign affair will go through another level of a legal proceeding. This year itself the Singapore Academy of law took over the process from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On that note, a solid question depends, on the legal proceedings, concerning the papers being actually launched by the Singapore government or not. In addition, the statues of the paper whether its a soft copy or the hard copy is also a matter to take care of. Whatever the case may be, you need to first book an appointment with the Singapore Academy Of Law.

Cost To Avail Their Services :

Well, the services availed by the Notary Public Lawyer is of course set by the government, which depends from service to service.

Services one needs to pay for, are as follows-

  • Authentication of notarised papers
  • Notary public services
  • Issuance of notarial certificates


Well, this is everything that you need to know about Notary Public Lawyer. From what is the purpose to their service charges everything is put together here in this article. Have a close look to understand the concept significantly. You can also check out  family divorce lawyer