Lately, there has been a massive progression in the web & app development industry. It led to an increase in the number of technology stacks that include programming languages & software products used to build robust applications. Many companies & aspiring developers deliberate on choosing the right tech stack. It has heated the battle between the three major stacks that run the sphere of software development, i.e., Full Stack, MERN Stack, & MEAN Stack. Amongst all the stacks, the popularity of MERN Stack has grown significantly over the years. A quick search on LinkedIn reveals more than 44000 MERN Stack jobs in the United States. Considering the massive number of job openings for MERN Stack Developers, building a career in this lucrative technology can help future-proof your career. If you strive to become a MERN Stack developer, you need to enroll in a trusted MERN Stack Bootcamp.

Before you start searching for the best MERN Stack training in USA, let’s provide you a complete understanding of MERN Stack, the benefits of becoming a MERN Stack Developer & the right learning path to build a career in it.

What is MERN Stack Development?

MERN is a collective outcome of four potent JavaScript technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, & Node.js. MERN Stack development refers to the complete development of applications. As a MERN Stack Developer, you must work on both the client-side (frontend) and the server-side (backend). Thus, you need to be competent in using each element of MERN Stack. The best way to get a profound knowledge & skills of MERN Stack is by taking an immersive MERN Stack Training in USA.

Let’s decode the meaning of MERN Stack & understand its major components:

  • MongoDB: It is a cross-platform, object-oriented database program that stores data in JSON format. As MongoDB is highly flexible & scalable, it is perfect for building modern applications.
  • Express.js: Express is an open-source web app server framework that facilitates backends, APIs, hybrid & single-page web app development.
  • React: Being a robust front-end JS library, React.js supports frontend & user interface development.
  • js: It is a backend runtime environment that allows MERN Stack developers to write & server-side scripts outside a browser.

Differences between MEAN Stack & MERN Stack

Often developers get confused to choose between MERN Stack & MEAN Stack, so let’s get more clarity to find which one is more beneficial to learn:

Terms of Comparison MERN Stack MEAN Stack
Learning Curve Low Medium
Performance It enables developers to code faster. It helps to manage files & abstraction in coding.
DOM Virtual DOM Regular DOM
Language JSX, JavaScript TypeScript
Framework/ Library React Angular
Supports Mobile App Development Yes No
Project Size Large Small
Salary A MERN Stack developer makes up to an average salary of $100,000 per annum which can go as high as $170,000 per annum. The average salary for a MEAN Stack developer ranges between $92,975 to $111,429 per annum.

Based on the above head-to-head comparison, one can perceive that learning MERN through training at a MERN Stack Bootcamp can reap long-term benefits.

Benefits of MERN Stack Training in the USA

You can avail the following benefits by learning MERN Stack:

  • MERN Stack eliminates the hassle of learning many programming languages as each line of code in MERN is written in JavaScript, which is universally used for server-side & client-side coding.
  • Once you attain mastery over MERN Stack, you can easily secure high-paying jobs. A MERN Stack Developer gets an average salary of $100,000 to $170,000 per annum, which is comparatively higher than other stack developers.
  • The future scope of skilled MERN Stack developers seems to be bright & promising as there remains a shortage of competent MERN developers with the right skills & knowledge in the job market.
  • Due to the simplicity of MERN & its ability to provide faster app development, many leading companies are embracing MERN to develop their complex business solutions. So, if you get MERN Stack training in the USA, you can accelerate your chances of getting a job.

Skills Needed to Become a MERN Stack Developer

To become a MERN Stack Developer, you need to gain proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, & Node.js. Training at a MERN Stack Bootcamp can equip you with the necessary skills & knowledge, including OOPs concept, JavaScript, Class Component, Webpack, Bootstrap, Encoding-Decoding, Node.js, MongoDB using Mongoose, React, Express, & Redux.

What is the right learning path to become a MERN Stack Developer?

There are several ways of learning MERN Stack, as given below:

  • You can efficiently learn the core components of MERN by enrolling in an online MERN Stack training in USA. The training provides end-to-end assistance to beginners & helps them develop a solid understanding of MERN Stack.
  • MERN Stack training will acquaint you with the industry best practices that can transform you into an adept MERN developer.
  • Apart from the MERN Stack training or skill enhancement courses, you can participate in an online full-stack community to understand the real-world application of MERN Stack.

Once you completely ace the MERN concepts through instructor-led training at a MERN Stack Bootcamp, you can get an array of benefits like a higher pay scale & excellent job opportunity at Fortune-500 Companies.

Training at the best MERN Stack Bootcamp like SynergisticIT can give you the right exposure to use the MERN Stack components in your web dev projects. It can boost your confidence & prepares you for your career as MERN Stack Developer.

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