Every organisation, big, medium or small, needs a robust payroll system. It lets you organise tax filing and all the tasks related to employee payment. Such jobs include but are not limited to salaries, wages, taxes, tracking work hours, attendance, and deductions of employees. One such payroll solution is HReasily.

It is a cloud-based solution with GPS tracking and facial recognition software to keep a tab on the employees’ attendance and time, even if they are working from home. This article delineates why you should choose this particular solution.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

You do not wish to lose the trust of your employees. So you try to engage them and decrease the chances of employee resignation. The payroll solution lets employees acquire their salary and allowance information through a user-friendly interface on desktop and smartphones, thus encouraging transparency. When the employees have a straightforward calculation in front of them, they begin to have faith in you.

Smooth Integration With Other Systems

Using a payroll solution demands manually entering data, which might lead to errors and takes a lot of time. However, an integrated system removes the need for multiple data entry. The solution seamlessly integrates with other hardware and software to fetch information, such as attendance, employee databases, and several other data to calculate an employee’s monthly salary.

As it integrates with finance and other systems, the chance of employees receiving an improper payment reduces to a great extent. And, this perfection satisfies your employees. A well-paid and timely paid employee can fully concentrate on his work and display high productivity. Another good thing about an integrated payroll system is that the accounts and the HR departments only have to handle fewer queries regarding monthly salaries.

Provision to Track Leaves

The solution allows employers and employees to manage leaves. Employees can check their leave balance (medical leaves, casual leaves, and paid leaves) whenever they feel like from their handheld devices.

Coverage Across Geographical Boundaries

Companies with offices in more than one country prefer to have a payroll solution accessible to employees from all the offices, irrespective of their geographical location.

A payroll solution like HReasily offers universal access and lets offices in various nations utilise the centralised software. Firms can also keep all data in a single place to easily prepare reports when needed.

Secure Solution

Theft of data is one of the most common fears amongst organisations. A business has to ensure that the cloud-based payroll solution it uses fetches the required authentication protocols to check unsanctioned access to information. With this solution, companies can stay without any such anxiety. It features a 2-factor authentication to log in. It also provides automatic backups against data corruption.

Easy to Set Up

The software is so simple that a professional with a minimum idea of payroll can learn it in a few minutes. As it is cloud-based, the payroll solution enables you not to invest in any software or hardware. Your HR staff can use the software after you subscribe to a cloud-based payroll service.