If you have a desired to take bath with a sex doll, don`t worry about it because it is not a big deal. But you need to use some precautions while taking bath with cheap sex dolls. It is important to note that most silicone and TPE dolls can take a bath together. Taking bath with a love doll is just like enjoying your partner. Don`t forget to read this blog if you want to take bath with your sex doll.


Do not overheat the hot water:


The first thing that you need to keep in mind while taking bath with a sex doll is not to use overheat the water. It has been seen that the heat resistance of the TPE love doll is not as good as silicone. The temperature of the water that you used for bathing must be between 30°C and 33°C for TPE and 35°C for silica gel. It may be warm to humans, make sure not to melt or deform your precious sex doll.


Do not use bath salts that are too dark in color:


 Love Doll

Isn’t it comforting to take a bath with perfumed bath salt? But don`t use bath salts that darken the water while having a bath with a sex doll. The reason behind it- the skin of the doll can be discolored with the color of the bath salt. In addition, the skin color of a doll that has been colored once can hardly return to its original color no matter how many times it is washed. You should avoid using bath salts in order to avoid regret. If you use bath salt, it can convert your precious doll into a love doll.


Recommend the body to use weak acid shower gel:


Dependent on the material, the body of Aiwawa may slowly ooze oil called “oil oozing”, which may make people feel high-pitched. Careful care may be crushed to a certain extent, but it is almost difficult to suppress 100%. You may want to shower your love doll with strong degreasing cleaner to remove this squeak, but for love dolls with delicate skin, the strong cleaner will not work!


Don’t rub the skin too hard when washing face:


When washing the sex doll’s body, be cautious not to rub it with a towel. The skin of love dolls is very slight, rubbing hard with a towel will upset them. When washing, it is best to lightly stroke the shower gel on the palm of your hand in its place of using a towel. You may also by chance bump into a real doll in the bathroom, initiating scratches or breakdowns. Try to carry it very carefully.


Wrapping up


This is all about what precautions are used while taking bath with your sex doll. If you use this precaution, you can take long-term benefits from your doll. In the market, there are a variety of dolls available like anime sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, and many more. If you want more tips on bathing with a doll, stay connected with us. Thanks!