As soon as hunting season arrives, hunters pattern their shotguns. Patterning is determining the maximum range of your shotgun.

A hunter knows the importance of patterning a shotgun before the hunting season. An experienced hunter knows the steps to pattern a shotgun.

So if you are new to hunting, this article is for you. Learn what a hunter should take into consideration when patterning a shotgun.

6 things to consider to pattern a shotgun

To enjoy your hunting spree during the season, patterning your shotgun is the most important task of all. Below is your guide to level up your hunting game through patterning your shotgun. Remember that your hunting ability is relative to your patterning effort.

Below is a list of what you should take into consideration.

1.       Different Range

When you are trying to pattern your shotgun, try it from a different distance. Along with changing shooting distance, try shooting from a different angle.

This is important to identify the true nature and capacity of your shotgun. It will help you to get prior knowledge about your hunting tool. So in real-time hunting, you will be confident to shoot only for the practical target.

For longtime 40 yards has been considered as a standard shooting distance.

2. Determine perfect target size and shape

The target size plays a crucial role in patterning a shotgun. At the same time, the shape of your target plays a crucial role as well.

A popular choice shotgun target is the 30-inch circular target for an unknown reason. That can be a good start point for you. From that, you can gradually keep trying two or three more different sizes of the target. It will give you the insight to select your best companion for hunting adventure.

3. Measure the pattern on the target

After taking multiple shots, you have to measure the pattern of the shots. It will help you to get a comprehensive idea of your shotgun. You can then easily assess the accuracy of your shotgun.

To measure the pattern circle, you shoot at the target then mark the hits with a pen or pencil.

4. Identify the need for repairing

When you are trying to pattern a shotgun, you can find any possible malfunction of it. You can then work on adjusting the necessary parts. And you will be ready with fine-tuning of your hunting shotgun when the season begins.

5. Calculate the accuracy rate

The process of patterning will help you to get an overview of your shooting accuracy. If it is not unto the expected level, you can train before the hunting season begins.

With a poor level of accuracy, you can’t enjoy your hunting season. But now you have time to level up your accuracy skill.

6. Each shotgun is unique

Even if you have two or more similar shotguns, patterning is important. Remember, no two shotguns are identical. It is highly recommended to pattern all your shotguns that you plan to take on hunting.

To do this, you can use a small piece of paper to write down the major findings and attributes. Then label your shotguns with watercolor scotch tape. It will make your switching of shotguns quick on the hunting adventure.

Why should you work on boring patterning?

Many hunters don’t like the boring task of patterning a shotgun. But the experienced and skilled hunters know the importance of this.

Below are some key points on why patterning a shotgun is important.

Avoid accidents

Patterning of a shotgun eliminates possible accidental threats. It reduces the chances of misfiring. Thus, you can have a worry-free, memorable hunting season.

This is crucial to avoid serious injuries and fatalities. With proper patterning, you can enjoy responsibly and keep your health safe. Moreover, it will be safer for any friend or family member accompanying you on the hunting adventure.

Accuracy and precision

It helps you to know your new shotgun well. Thus, it increases your accuracy and precision. A reasonably good accuracy will make your hunting spree fun and more enjoyable.

This is a key way to improve your overall hunting skill.

Closing Notes

As a hunter, if you follow the above-listed tips for patterning a shotgun, you can maximize joy from your hunting adventure. New hunting enthusiasts often get the advice of patterning their shotgun, but they rarely have any clue on what to consider. That is why you have this post to guide you!