Over the last two decades, hair transplantation techniques have been improved remarkably. Gladly, the latest surgical methods are less invasive with the least or no side-effects. Additionally, such incredible techniques assure natural-looking and aesthetically-pleasing results. That’s why; hair transplant has become a big business now, and consumers can choose preferable surgeons and clinics easily due to their vast availability. These clinics spend hundreds of dollars on marketing to attract potential customers. Internet, radio, television, and newspaper are some of the best ways to get their consumers’ consideration. It indicates that patients need to be more sensible and cautious while choosing the surgeon for their hair transplant surgery.

Like any other city, Hair Specialists in Lahore can be found easily. But you should know that nothing can replace the skills, competency, and knowledge of the surgeon and his proficient team. Remember, only a professional and a qualified surgeon can perform a successful hair transplant. However, if you choose a surgeon based on his low fees, you can surely put your money and life in danger.

Here are some imperative factors to consider before you choose the most capable surgeon for you. Admittedly, considering them will help you in finding the ideal hair specialist in Lahore.

  • Prior Research

The first and most important thing is to complete your research work correctly. Research doesn’t mean that you can discuss about hair transplant with anyone. Remember, hair transplant is a specialized topic, and not everyone knows everything about it. For instance, it’s quite absurd to take someone’s suggestion who knows nothing about a professional surgeon but still provides guidance because he experiences hair fall too.

You should rely on some trusted sources for this purpose. We recommend you to read hair surgery blogs, visit multiple forums, and discuss your queries with formal patients. If your acquaintances have undergone hair surgery in the past, you can take his assistance too. He can provide you some better recommendations.

It is strongly recommended to avoid taking suggestions from your hairstylist or someone who doesn’t know anything about this procedure. Bear in mind that the work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it. So, don’t waste your time collecting worthless and futile opinions.

It is also not advisable to seek information from dermatologist or family physicians. No doubt, they are professional, but they don’t have enough knowledge about hair transplant procedures. It’s a specialized procedure, and your physician or dermatologist may not have sufficient information about it. Additionally, they lack technical expertise and know nothing about the complexity of the surgery.

As discussed earlier, most clinics spend a considerable amount of money on advertisement, but all that glitters is not gold. An impressive ad doesn’t mean that the clinic assures premium quality services.

Putting in a nutshell, we don’t recommend you to take recommendations from your friends, family, colleague, hairstylists, physician or dermatologist because they lack adequate knowledge about hair transplant surgery. Nevertheless, you can seek advice from a patient who recently opted for any hair transplant technique for hair fall.

  • Shortlist The Clinics

Once you have completed the research process, the next major step is to contact the shortlisted surgeons. You can call them as visiting all of them individually may take substantial time. Try to ask all the pertinent questions relevant to their hair transplantation experience. We recommend you to ask about ‘before and after’ pictures of their patients. Additionally, don’t forget to ask about the surgeon’s years of expertise and the number of surgeries he performed to date. It is also preferable to discuss tools, equipment, and methods the surgeons use for hair transplantation.

So, choose a surgeon who can perform all hair transplant types, not a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who doesn’t know much about the latest techniques. Generally, most dermatologists perform hair transplant surgery, but you don’t need to seek his services because this technical surgery isn’t his primary specialty.

  • Consultation Appointment

It is one of the most critical steps to consider. No matter if your surgeon has completed his study from a well-reputed institute, you still need to ask multiple questions before the final appointment. This way, your surgeon can better examine your hair’s condition and causes of hair fall.

Consultation appointment enables you to get a better idea about the surgeon’s skills and expertise. Additionally, you can get to know about the quality and environment of the clinic. Don’t forget to discuss the cost of the overall treatment. The ultimate cost varies from patient to patient as the surgeon’s expertise and chosen technique mainly define the general expenses.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, it is relatively easy to find a hair transplant surgeon in Lahore but finding the most competent one requires real struggle. So, choose your surgeon wisely if you don’t want to waste your time and money.