Netflix has become one of the best video streaming devices when it comes to watching videos, web series, and more without spending so much data. You can enjoy your favorite show on any device includes smartphones, iPhones, Apple TVs, Smart TV, and many more. You can fix this issue when Netflix not working in Apple TV by following a few steps given below.

Method 1: Close Netflix and Restart

If the Netflix app is not able to connect, load, or otherwise not able to streaming then in that case, you will need to try to force close the Netflix app. Press the Menu button on the Apple TV remote that is not enough and then, you will need to force the Netflix app to close Netflix app fully before reopening it. When you do this, it will fresh the application and for that, clear the cache will be the simple fixing. There is nothing to worry about accessing any settings to force the app to get a restart on the Apple TV and double-press on the Home button to bring Apple TV app switcher.

Now, choose Netflix in the app switcher menu, after that swipe the up by using the touchpad that appears at the top of your Apple TV remote to force stop the app. Now, press the Menu to get back to your mail Apple TV dashboard and after that, open the Netflix app again. If it is not fixing the issue then, move ahead with the next step.

Method 2: Internet Connection

If you are facing issues with your Netflix that it is not working on your Apple TV then, you will need to check the internet connection of your Apple TV. It could check the issues with the local network connection with the wider network connection.

  • Check the current Apple internet connection status by going to the Settings menu and then, press the Settings menu and press the Settings icon appears on the Apple TV dashboard to access this menu
  • Enter the Network menu to see the current internet settings and the current status of your internet connection and if the Apple TV has disconnected and you will be able to reconnect just by pressing the Wi-Fi options
  • If your network connection appears strong and stable but you are unable to stream by using the Netflix app and you will need to check the network connection

Method 3: Check Time Zone in Apple TV

Yes, this is a fact that the incorrect time zone of your Apple TV might be behind this issue. You will need to check your time zone on your Apple TV to ensure that you are actually in the correct region and can have access to the right one. To be sure-

  • First of all, double-check the current time zone in your Apple TV settings. Now, press the Settings icon on the Apple TV dashboard and then, press the General option
  • Scroll to the bottom of the General menu to get the Time Zone settings that appear under the Date and Time section. You can see the time zone and it should be set automatically as it should be automatically set. If the region is not correct then, disable the Set Automatically option, and after that, set your time zone manually.

Method 4: Reinstall Netflix on Apple TV

How to reinstall the Netflix app on Apple TV?

Sometimes, conducting a clean and fresh installation can fix the issues on the Apple TV while Netflix stops working. You will need to remove the Netflix app and then, reinstall it. Well, it is not a miracle resolution but yes, if Netflix is still freezing in the Apple TV then, possibly your issue should be now fixed.

  • First of all, visit the app that appears on the home screen
  • Press and then, hold the middle of the touchpad and the Netflix icon will start to shake
  • Press the “Play/Pause option to remove the application from the Apple TV
  • Choose Delete to confirm your decision and the application will be deleted from the Apple TV
  • After that, visit the App Store and then, reinstall the Netflix app and after that, try to start it again

When you are done with the resolution procedure, you are now able to watch Netflix on your Apple TV, and in case if it is still troubling you then, call Netflix toll-free number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance.