There are hundreds of companies operating in the wooden plywood segment. There is a manufacturer in almost every area. Manufacturing basic wooden plywood is not a big task. It can be done by any small-scale manufacturer. But we only know a few prominent companies that are operating in this segment. The reason is the quality of their product. We know the company because of the quality of wooden plywood it supplies.

The major players in the market make their products as per the industry’s standards. They follow the set guidelines and create the best quality product. They also invest heavily to create better products every time. This is why the customers prefer to buy only the best products in the market. They know the difference between a low-grade product and a high-grade product.

What are low grade and high-grade products?

The major differentiation between a low-grade and high-grade product is of the manufacturing process and being manufactured as per Indian standards. A high-grade product will always be manufactured as per Indian Standards. This depicts that it has been made according to the industry guidelines and has been tested and tried under various conditions. Indian Standards are the best check of the quality of the wooden plywood.

Low-grade plywood manufacturers will never be manufactured in accordance to Indian Standards in the first place. These low-grade products are a compromise for the quality. These products never give the highest customer satisfaction.

Here is your guide for the best wooden plywood

  1. Supplier-

The main thing to look out for is the supplier of the product. A good supplier will always have established goodwill in the market. Always research about the supplier beforehand. Try the resources available and read the reviews of the supplier’s product.

  1. Flat and Even surface with proper finishing-

One of the main characteristics of quality plywood is its finish. You will always find that good plywood will always be of high finishing. There will be no surface damage on good plywood. They will be properly structured and flat.

  1. Grade of plywood-

There are many grades of plywood available in the market. Each of the grades has been developed as per the needs of the user. The highest quality of grades is BWP plywood. Each grade has its own quality and limitations. Select the grade as per the need.

  1. Size-

Each kind of furniture has a different requirement of plywood. There are numerous plywood sizes available in the market. Consult your carpenter or any other expert before buying the plywood. A professional will serve as the best guide for choosing the size of plywood.

  1. Budget-

This is probably one of the priorities of any customer. A person should always look for products that are fitting in his/her budget. There is a huge range of products available in the market. The main point that comes is the amount that the person is willing to spend on the plywood.


There is a very wrong perception in the market. The customers think that the higher the price of the product the higher will be its quality. The reality is completely different. Affordable plywood can also be of better quality compared to other expensive products. The prominent manufacturers recognize the need for affordability. This is the reason why they create the best quality products in the market at a reasonable price.